Here’s a little about us.

Casting a Vision

Casted is the only audio and video content marketing platform built to give marketers a true return on effort through access, amplification, and attribution of their audio, video, and related content.


In the years before starting Casted, our CEO, Lindsay Tjepkema, was a marketing leader for a global martech SaaS enterprise. Like many of our customers here at Casted, she led all of the brand’s content marketing efforts. Her mission was to help grow the business by aligning the brand around a common message, to humanize it with a unified voice, and to highlight perspectives of customers, partners, industry experts, and internal thought leaders. What started with interviews of those subject matter experts turned into a powerful global content strategy. 

The only thing missing was a voice - literally. The brand needed a voice. And the voices of all those internal and external experts needed to come through louder and clearer. So, Lindsay and her team launched a brand podcast. Instead of trying to capture the perspectives of those experts in writing, she interviewed them and let their actual voices speak for themselves.

These conversations produced rich and valuable content: original ideas, executive insights, and customer stories. So she asked her team to change the way they were creating content. Stop creating content for content’s sake, and start mining meaningful content from the powerful conversations she was having. 

Even with this new approach, she discovered two problems:

  1. Podcast metrics were the worst. The podcast was incredibly successful in terms of anecdotal feedback and vanity metrics (ahem, downloads), but that wasn’t enough to prove the value of the podcast to Lindsay’s CEO. Lindsay needed visibility on how the podcast impacted pipeline, and ultimately revenue. However, because podcast metrics were pretty horrible and clearly not made for marketers, the information Lindsay (and other marketers) needed simply wasn't available. 
  2. Podcasting-related software was also the worst. Although the podcast was thriving and Lindsay's team was using it to create rich, engaging content, the work was very manual and inefficient. Podcast tools consisted of one-off tools and point solutions and were not designed to support the way marketing teams collaborate, to work with the tools they already use, to support the way they need to deliver assets to other teams, or to prove any return on investment.   

So Lindsay left her role as a marketing leader and brought on our two other founders, Adam and Zachary, and they started Casted. The three founders began building the first content marketing platform based not on written word, but instead on spoken word. That’s right: Podcasts as the center of your content strategy. Today, Casted gives marketers a true return on those podcast conversations with broader access to the content, many ways to wring-out and amplify that content across other channel, and attribution that reveals the impact that content makes on the brand and the business.

The values that drive us.


Passion is our superpower.

The common thread amongst all of us here in the Casted Crew is passion. Passion for our respective crafts. Passion for the roles we play in the business and our culture. Passion for not just growing the company, but leading a movement. And when you combine a set of passionate people all taking ownership of their piece of the business - that’s pretty magical.


Harness expert voices.

Why try to speak on behalf of an expert when you could actually use the expert’s own voice? Instead, we ask: “Who is this for?” and “Why are we doing it?” and then find the best expert to be our resource. Sometimes that’s a C-Suite executive and one of our big, fancy enterprise customers. Other times it’s one of our interns. Everyone is an expert in something. But no one is an expert in everything. So find the expert for the “thing” you’re working on and harness (record) their voice.


Always be authentic.

Harnessing the voices of leaders, experts, and customers doesn’t really do any good if it’s not an authentic experience. Vulnerability must be present in conversations and there must be comfort and permission for things to not go exactly as planned (let’s be honest - things rarely do). But that’s why conversation has the incredible power to humanize a brand - and a culture. So we encourage everyone to authentically be themselves. Yes, we even let Podcat be authentically grumpy.

Meet Our Awesome Team

IMG_1192 IMG_1191

Lindsay Tjepkema

CEO and Co-Founder

Our fearless leader and podcast extraordinaire, Lindsay’s obsession with content marketing is outmatched only by her love for her three young boys (including twins). It’s also worth noting that she is best friends with both Brene Brown and Tina Fey (if we write it here, we will it to existence, right?).

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Zachary Zachary_Rollover

Zachary Ballenger

Co-Founder, Sales and GTM

Zachary is equally passionate about podcasting and farming. Oh, you didn’t know he has a farm? You clearly haven’t met him yet, because he would have told you by now.

Adam Adam_Rollover

Adam Patarino

Co-Founder, Product and Technology

In addition to leading the development of our platform, Adam is also Casted’s official barista. His lattes are always delicious, hot, and bug free; just like his software.

Abby Abby_Rollover

Abby King

Sales Development Manager

When she’s not participating in her living room silent raves, you will find Abby oversharing pictures of her (also ginger) dog, Bowie. Yes, like David Bowie. She’s no Rebel Rebel (see what we did there), but we don’t hold that against her. A little birdie told us that if you make her laugh, she’ll make you crepes. So far, that birdie has been a liar….

Angie Angie_Rollover

Angie Martaus

Software Engineer

Angie topped the Billboard Hot 100 for a week in October 1973. Her cats Poppy and Little Edie would be the first to tell you it’s all been downhill from there.

Autumn Autumn_Rollover

Autumn Henderson

Software Engineer

Autumn waited until literally the last minute to add her bio. She seriously considered asking her energetic toddler to do this for her, but as far as any of you know, she definitely wrote it herself. Absolutely by herself.

Byron Byron_Rollover

Byron Elliott

Senior Brand Designer

Coming from a big family full of artists, it was only natural that Byron chose a career path that would allow him to spend countless hours drawing pictures of purple, grumpy cats in green bow ties.

Cara Cara_Rollover

Cara Holm

VP of Customer Experience

A phenomenal customer experience and slightly obsessed about details is what Cara brings to Casted after her years of practice as a CSM leader. She loves spending time with her rescue dog, Addison and chilling out to Yacht Rock!

Daniel Daniel_Rollover

Daniel Main

Senior Software Engineer

Aside from running a self-rated five-star pizzeria from his kitchen on Friday nights, Daniel has a steady gig coding at the best podcast marketing platform around.

Everett Everett_Rollover

Everett Paschal

Account Executive

At an early age, Everett had high aspirations of becoming a comedian. Transitioning that gift of gab to the art of sales, Everett now enjoys diving into conversations and learning about podcasts he never knew existed! And to the person that took Everett’s Microsoft Office, he will find you… you have his word!

Holly Holly_Rollover

Holly Pels

VP of Marketing

Holly leads the marketing charge at Casted. Her love for podcasts, content creation, and talking (she LOVES to talk) led her to Casted. She spends most of her time doing crisis management for Podcat’s tweets and asking people if they want to see pictures of her baby.

Josh Josh_Rollover

Josh Mitchell

Senior Software Engineer

Josh is a man of mystery and power, whose power is exceeded only by his mystery. (When we asked everyone to write their own bios, we didn't expect Josh's to be so short. Though I guess that's the point of his bio, can we ever really expect something from someone so mysterious?)

Katon Katon_Rollover

Katon Zike

Lead Solutions Consultant

If you’re struggling to pronounce her name, she’ll be the first to tell you it rhymes with “Satan”. We have yet to decide if this is a threat or if she’s being helpful, but we do know she is always there for our clients’ needs. When you’re not deciphering her commentary, you can find her cuddling her pup Fudge.

Kirk Kirk_Rollover

Kirk McCollough

Marketing Manager

Kirk currently holds the world record for the most sunscreen used by a single person. When not actively avoiding the sun, he spends his time rewatching Parks and Rec with his adorable canine, Rocko, and perfecting the art of the BLT.

Patrick Patrick_Rollover

Patrick Hermiller

Senior Product Designer

Patrick is the resident problem solver/problem creator at Casted. When he's not designing new features (or telling everyone how excited he is about those features), you can find him running on trails, riding bikes, or trying not to get herded by his two Aussies, Sadie and Whiskey Tango.

Podcat Podcat_Rollover


Chief Cat Officer

Podcat is the Chief Cat Officer and literally no one in the office knows what he does. That's not true. We know he tweets a lot of really random, grumpy, and sometimes troll-like things.

Rishi Rishi_Rollover

Rishi Patel

Account Executive

Rishi is the office ice cream aficionado (who says ice cream isn’t a breakfast food?) and Indy sports fan extraordinaire. Ask him anything about Pacers basketball and podcasting.

Tyler Tyler_Rollover

Tyler Brooks

Account Executive

Tyler's official title might be AE, but he spends most of his time taking really fabulous pictures for the team. He also spends a lot of time taking selfies at his desk, but that doesn't bother everyone as much now that we're all remote.


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