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Casted: The Enterprise Solution for Podcasting

In today's business landscape, staying competitive means staying connected with your audience. Podcasting is the perfect way to gain awareness, build trust, establish thought leadership, and drive sales. But creating and maintaining a podcast can be time-consuming and resource-intensive — that's where Casted comes in.


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Whether you're looking to build brand awareness, generate leads, or drive sales, Casted has the tools and expertise you need to get results.

Don't just take our word for it. See what our enterprise customers have to say:

“Casted jumped in and made a huge impact at Salesforce in a very short time. Now our global team can deliver audio content in ways they never could before. Not only do we deliver to an external audience across podcasts and social channels, we build valuable journeys across audiences on our owned properties using the Casted embedded player. It’s been a very productive collaboration, and we look forward to growing our podcasting practice at Salesforce with Casted."

Michael Rivo Salesforce LIVE, Virtual Events Content & Platform at Salesforce
"From an account-based strategy, I love that you can see what accounts are interacting with the podcast content, huge for us upmarket where we're tracking tier one and tier two accounts and can see if they're consuming."
Jordan Feise Senior Content Marketing Manager at Gong
Michael Rivo, Salesforce
Jordan Feise, Gong

Join the growing number of enterprise companies using podcasting to connect with their audience and drive business results. Sign up for Casted today.