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B2B Podcast Maturity Curve

You're at Stage 3! Now what?

Stage 3 is all about growing and knowing your audience. Asking and honestly answering, "Have I captured the audience I wanted to? If not, what is the plan for them to consume my content?" Now you develop a deep understanding of your audience's behaviors, engagement, and content consumption habits. Stage 3 is also where you learn about and use your indicators of success.

Below we have some content just for you  created to help you achieve full Stage 3 and graduate to Stage 4. Let us know how we can help on your journey!

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Casted Features Made For Stage 3



Casted Insights is the ultimate solution that lets your sales team have all the necessary account level audience data with engagement metrics that matter. So, with just one click, you'll have actionable insights on your fingertips!

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Analyze your content and campaigns like a boss! With a 360-view of themes and insights, you'll be able to see what your audience loves and where you can make some serious bank. Repurpose and amplify your content for maximum effort and real return.

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Engagement Tracker


Just like websites have heatmaps, Casted has Engagement Tracker! Find the hotspots in your video and audio content to help you make more informed customer-led decisions.


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