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Share More (and Get More) with Casted

Share, track, and measure your podcast and video content.

Key Features

See each unique share inside your account with one powerhouse solution.
Easily search and filter through your shares with the power of Casted Search.
Drill down to see the performance of individual shares and identify your strongest channels and content strategies.
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Identify Top Channels and Campaigns

With the ability to drill down to see uniquely generated content shares, marketers can identify which channels and campaigns are providing the most traffic to their content.

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Create Unique Shares

Marketers can create unique links for each individual content share, making it easier to track and measure inside of the Casted Platform and get a deeper look into how their content is performing.


Experience Casted for Yourself

See how Casted empowers B2B marketers to maximize and measure their podcast and video content.