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B2B Podcast Maturity Curve

Congratulations! You Made It to Stage 5!

Stage 5 is where you put all of the previous stage goals together to achieve the ultimate:

Your show now has measurable business impact and is foundational to your overall integrated marketing strategy.

Marketing amplifies the podcast and related content through all marketing channels to maximize the podcast’s value and can prove the show’s contribution to revenue growth, pipeline, and other big-picture business goals.

Sales and Customer Experience teams buy into leveraging the show for its educational and thought leadership power, audience connection, and business potential.

And customers and leads see the podcast as part of something so much bigger than just a show: It’s your brand’s true character and can determine why customers want to do business with you.

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Casted Features Made for Stage 5



Take your audio game to the next level with videograms and audiograms, the dynamic duo of B2B Podcast promotion. With these innovative features, you can easily craft and share audio and video snippets, whether for social media, webpages, or even ads! And with Casted on your side, B2B podcasters can reach a wider audience and skyrocket listener engagement with just one click. But don't take our word for it, see how our friends over at Cheetah Digital are using these bite-size clips to improve targeted outreach.

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See how, when, where, and with whom your podcast and video content performs. Get insight into the content that drives the most value for your brand with our comprehensive suite of analytics tools developed to provide B2B marketers like you with metrics that matter, like how big your audience is, how they found your content, the player used to consume your content, and which items drive the most engagement. 

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Seamlessly merge your favorite marketing tools with Casted, giving your team the power to access all the audio & video content and consumer data they need to execute your plan with style and swagger. From Drift to Hubspot Casted has you covered. It’s time to unleash the full potential of your marketing game with Casted.

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