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The First and Only

Amplified Marketing Platform

Integrate and amplify your audio, video, and text content all within one centralized platform. Collaborate across teams, maximize the value of your content, and measure what matters most to your business.
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Maximize and Measure Your Most Valuable Content

Start with rich, creative podcast and video content. Next, wring it out across multiple channels - not just once but many times. Finally, measure how much impact it makes on the business AND who (what brands and accounts) engage with it. 

That's the future of B2B. Amplified Marketing and Casted make it possible.

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The Future of Content Marketing in a Single Platform

The Casted Amplified Marketing Platform empowers B2B marketers to improve (and prove) audience connection The amplified marketing methodology is simple. Start by publishing creative podcast and video content. Next, easily break it down into smaller pieces and amplify it across other channels. Then, search, identify, and repurpose existing content. Finally, obtain key metrics and insights to understand (and prove) how all that content influences revenue.

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Amplified Marketing Platform

  • The Platform
  • Key Features
  • Integrations

Platform Packages

Amplified Marketing Built by Marketers for Marketers

  • Auto Publish to RSS Feeds
  • Create Custom Playlists
  • Smart Content Search 
  • Casted Copilot Clipping
  • Custom Landing Pages with CTAs
  • Branded and Customizable Embed Players
  • Theme and Topic Tracking 
  • Advanced Listener Insights
  • CRM and MAP Integrations
  • A Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • 1:1 Setup, Email Support
  • Premium Transcriptions
Talk with Sales
  • Everything in Pro, plus...
  • Advanced Roles & Permissions Settings
  • SAML Authentication & Advanced Security
  • Custom Creative Services Packages
Talk with Sales
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Experience Amplified Marketing for Yourself

See how Casted empowers B2B marketers to maximize and measure their podcast and video content.