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Publish Podcasts & Videos

Host, syndicate, and distribute your B2B audio and video content with Casted's ground-breaking Amplification platform.

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Publish your B2B Podcasts and Videos

Create maximum impact with the only platform made exclusively for B2B marketers. Casted is built to make publishing simple for you and your team.

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Upload and Syndicate Your Content at Scale

Upload your audio and video content and quickly syndicate it to the major players like Apple, Spotify, and YouTube. Seamlessly and automatically publish your episode to your website with a customized page that meets all your brand standards.


Reduce Your Time, Resources, Energy, and Budget

Provide your audience engaging content through exceptional experiences. Now, your audience can discover your content wherever they consume podcasts and videos or consume it on your own website, where you can provide a more exceptional brand experience, boost SEO, and increase the likelihood that an individual engaging with your content will soon turn into a customer with loyalty to your brand.

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Key Features

Integrate with the marketing tools and platforms you and your team use everyday to ensure a smooth end-to-end process
Publish, host, syndicate, and distribute podcasts and videos
Make all of your audio and video content accessible and searchable in one place once its published
Access human-level transcription, key takeaways, clips, and simple shares + embeds to maximize the reach of every piece of content you create
Manage content assets your way: audio or video, collection or series, item or episode 

Experience Casted for Yourself

See how Casted empowers B2B marketers to maximize and measure their podcast and video content.