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Say goodbye to manual work and streamline your processes with Casted. With a single button click, effortlessly match listens to contacts and send user engagement data to your CRM. And no more jumping between platforms for publishing tasks. By integrating Casted with your favorite marketing tools, you can create the customized experience you deserve.

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Enhance conversational marketing with Drift bots that track visitor interactions with your audio/video content. Visitors can chat directly from your branded pages and you can leverage Casted's data to optimize content experiences.

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Leverage Casted's insights integrated with Hubspot to identify your audience, match them to contacts in your CRM (Yes, you'll know their names!) and track their interactions with your audio/video content. Then directly connect those engagements to revenue.


Casted and WordPress integration empowers your content team with direct access to transcripts, audio, video, and key takeaway clips. Seamlessly incorporate conversations from your audio and videos into your WordPress content. Embed videos, clips, blockquotes, and more directly into your articles or posts.

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With just a simple toggle in your Casted account, you will expand your reach by effortlessly publishing your video podcasts, webinars, and other amazing video content directly to YouTube simultaneously when you publish in Casted.
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Reveal the power of the Casted Web player as it effortlessly integrates with your chosen analytics or data collection systems, including Google Analytics, through a user-friendly JavaScript integration. Unlock a world where your player data intertwines with your website data, allowing you to gain valuable insights and make informed decisions.

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Seamlessly access your captivating Casted podcasts and videos within HubSpot, empowering you to effortlessly embed them into emails, blog posts, and landing pages. Our HubSpot integration goes beyond the surface, enabling marketers to dive deep into the impact of their content. Get insights into how your content drives traffic, influences buyers, and more.

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Monitor and analyze how your leads and contacts engage with your content, and unlock invaluable insights that illuminate the path to maximizing the impact of your content. Navigate your next steps with the knowledge to elevate your content strategy to new heights. Let data be your guide on the journey toward remarkable results.
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