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Casted Insights for B2B Marketers

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Check Out the Only Podcast & Video Analytics Solution Made Exclusively for B2B Marketers

See the solution that leading brands like Caterpillar use to get to know their audiences better, discover high-intent themes for target accounts, deliver content that converts, and visualize the impact of their podcast and video marketing on business outcomes. 

For B2B marketers who are tired of relying on anonymous metrics that miss the mark, Casted Insights is the first solution to empower sales and marketing teams with actionable firmographic data for every company consuming your content, side-by-side with clarifying audience intent metrics and engagement insights. 

Watch anytime as Adam Patarino, CPO and Casted Co-Founder, Courtney Arnott, Product Lead, and Kate Bragg, Sr. Product Marketing Manager share how Casted Insights gives B2B marketers the power to:

  • Reveal the brands engaging with your content and see if they're already in your funnel with IP-resolved, firmographic data — no matter where they watch or listen
  • Put company-level audience info and engagement data about new and existing opportunities in the hands of your revenue teams
  • Identify top-performing podcasts, videos, and themes for your business
  • Amplify Insights data to create attribution models, inform marketing automation, and craft ABM strategies