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We’ve rounded up some of the most inspiring brands who are using podcasting as a way to drive their brand forward – in many, many different ways.

Find out how these amazing brands are centering unique and successful marketing strategies around their B2B podcasts.

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Meg Johson, OpenView

But like a carousel, people come along for the ride. And so there’ll be ups and downs and engagement with your content when people are more or less interested in what you have to say, but as long as they’re still on the ride at the end, you must be doing something right.

Meg Johnson, OpenView

Multimedia Marketer, OpenView
Stephanie Cox, Lumavate

I have no lead metrics tied to the podcast, that's not what our goal is. Our goal is really around, we want to be seen as experts in the space of digital marketing. We want to bring a unique perspective and we want to really be one of the places that you would turn to for great content. And it starts with the podcast

Stephanie Cox, Lumavate

Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Lumavate
Holly Enneking, Lev

I was really lucky to walk into a situation at Lev, that there was already that collaboration there, that marketing knew that we needed to be supporting sales in order to help support the business. We were able to demonstrate to the sales team that we heard them, that we were going to move quickly to get them what they needed and really build that trust with them.

Holly Enneking, Lev

Vice President of Marketing, Lev

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