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Better together: Casted + Powderkeg

There are so many benefits to being part of the Unvalley, but the best might be a special deal on Casted for Startups! 


What is Casted for Startups?

When you publish podcast or video content in Casted, your brand benefits from transcripts that increase search engine discoverability, source copy for blog posts, helpful clips to empower your Revenue team, and videograms to fuel social media and paid social ads. Plus, Casted not only makes it possible to amplify your podcast and video content across other marketing channels, but the value and business impact of that content can finally all be measured! Save time and get more value from your content with Casted.

Do more with a lean team

Casted for Startups makes the most advanced B2B podcast marketing platform accessible to qualifying startup companies - so even your early stage startup can leverage the same platform that empowers B2B marketers at brands like IBM, Salesforce, Gong, HubSpot, and Drift at a rate that is more accessible to new, emerging, growing, and scaling businesses.

The world's only video and podcast content amplification solution

Casted for Startups is designed to help startups connect with B2B audiences like never before. A lot has changed in the video and podcasting world in recent years. The new standard is getting to value right now. People expect information to be delivered immediately and on their time. But you have to publish, distribute, amplify, repurpose, analyze, and measure your content at the same time.

You’re probably thinking, “There’s absolutely no way I can do all of that at once.” But you can. How do we know? Because we use it, too!

Let Casted save you copious amounts of time (think days). Just upload your produced podcast, and quickly your episode will be published to your own podcast show page and syndicated to all the major players like Apple, Spotify, and YouTube and everywhere else your audience consumes them. Additionally, you'll quickly have transcript copy to boost your SEO efforts, resource information for supplemental blogs and ebooks, clips to build your sales enablement library, and videograms for social media and attention-grabbing paid social ads.


Lean team, massive results

“We would pay four times as much in labor to do what Casted does for us instantly.” Tim Glomb, Cheetah Digital

With two colleagues devoted to video, Cheetah Digital's lean content team used Casted to publish over 60 hours of video in 2021 and around 150 written pieces, including case studies, whitepapers, blogs, guides, and checklists.
Podcat Class-2

Casted is proud to be recognized by Powderkeg!


Powderkeg connects the most innovative and exciting tech companies between the coasts. With more than 4,000 companies on the Powderkeg platform, Casted is honored to be named a top-rated SaaS company for 2022.