True return on effort through content access, amplification, and attribution

Stop creating content for content’s sake. Harness the power of conversation to create not only engaging audio and video content, but also a wealth of other rich, relevant, expert-driven content that serves a purpose and delivers results.



With Casted, your team can harness the power of industry experts, customers, internal leaders, partners, and more to mine the powerful content behind your audio and videos to be used across myriad other marketing channels.


Upload podcasts, videos, interviews, and other audio, not only to easily publish your content, but also to give your team access to the voices that are the most important to your audience.


Collaborate across teams, departments, and even with outside agencies. Access to the same content allows your team to better align on messaging, campaigns, and promotion tactics.


Pull all resource content from one centralized platform — allowing your brand to finally achieve alignment in all content and messaging across every department and every channel.



Stop overproducing one-size-fits-all content and start strategically amplifying the voices and concepts that mean the most to your target audience. Wring out every conversation into unique content that is rich with your perspective and expertise for maximum value to your audience.


Every upload receives premium transcription (read: human-transcribed and accurate) that can be shared publicly (great for SEO) and act as source content for a variety of purposes.


Casted wrings out your authentic audio and video into additional content worth consuming. Start with a video, a webinar, or a podcast and spin out video clips, social media, and a plethora of multimedia content pieces to deliver your message.


Use your audio and video content across other more traditional channels. Embed videos, podcast episodes and clips into blog posts, build audio-rich presentations, create audio- and videograms for social, and more.



Why settle for simple data when you can get real, actionable insights from your content? Finally prove your content’s value in the buyer journey with proper attribution. Understand the impact your written, audio, and video content has on your business.


Tie your written, audio, video, and social content to dollars and cents. Give your boss real data that shows how content fuels pipeline.


Better understand the impact content has on the buyer journey and create a flywheel of content feedback to continuously improve and expand your content.


Access metrics about your content that no other platform can deliver, like a unique engagement score for your visitors and content attribution.


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See how Casted empowers marketers to access, amplify, and attribute their audio, video and all other related content to create marketing strategies that deliver incredible results.

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