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Take the pain out of campaigns with the first tool that allows marketers to identify, access, and amplify existing content and crush sales and marketing goals.

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Finally, see all of your content and how it works together in one place


No, really. Easily organize and analyze content and campaigns with Casted Themes, a central solution to create themes, amplify your content, and set objectives with key metrics and insights.

With a 360-degree view of themes and actionable insights like audience engagement and revenue attribution, marketers can identify the best content to repurpose and amplify for real return on effort. 

Finally, you can leverage rich content to increase brand awareness, enhance audience engagement, and speed up the sales cycle.

Feature Highlights

  • See how themes influence revenue with key metrics and actionable insights
  • See what companies, contacts, and accounts engage with themes 
  • Strategically repurpose and amplify content to drive leads, conversions, and sales
  • Reduce the time, effort, and cost associated with content and campaign strategy 
  • Set theme priorities to clearly define content objectives 

Access, Amplify, Attribute


As the first and only Amplified Marketing Platform, Casted closes the loop between audio, video, and text content with the tools marketers need to plan and execute your amplified marketing strategy and obtain key metrics and insights.

Powered by our Studio, Themes, Insights, and Search solutions, all integrated with the tools you already use, Casted delivers an all-in-one solution that empowers easy and efficient asset amplification and seamless audio and video experiences for your customers. 


Eliminate content silos and give every team access to the content they need with one platform to streamline content discovery and planning and thematic campaign creation.


Tap into the resources you've already created to fuel sales and marketing goals by identifying engaging themes and keywords and repurposing materials across campaigns, formats, and channels.


Dive into metrics and insights to see how themes, assets, and channels engage your audience and influence revenue.

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