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Create the Right Content Faster with AI and Know Who's Engaging

Repurposing content is easier than ever with Casted AI. Surface new content tailored to your audience to generate more leads and pipeline.

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Trusted by leading B2B brands


Create more content from your existing long-form assets at a lower cost. Casted AI uncovers listener key moments, recommends clips, and generates SEO-optimized titles and descriptions so you create more, efficiently.  

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Create clips, audiograms, and videograms with Casted's powerful AI tools. Grow your audience and engagement with one click.

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Find the right customers and get insights about engagement and behaviors. Tune follow-up communication to match buyer interests and behaviors.

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 “Casted has helped increase our content subscribers by 45% this year, now reaching up to 1,900 loyal readers and listeners every day. In the first nine months of 2023, Casted impacted $100k worth of opportunities by helping us deliver quick-hitting, high-quality content to our target audience of founders and CEOs."

Holly Enneking
Head of Marketing, Bolster

The AI Powered Podcast and Video Marketing Platform built for B2B Marketers to grow audience engagement and generate more quality pipeline.

Manage and Host

  • Manage podcasts, webinars, event recordings, and videos all in one place
  • Organize, tag, transcribe, and search all your content
  • Enterprise level access control, workflows, and permissions
Organize your content
Access Controls

Create and Publish

  • Create clips and new content with ease thanks to AI
  • Use customizable and brandable players to make your content shine
  • Publish to podcast apps, YouTube, on your website, and social media
Distribute Content

Analyze and Identify

  • Data at your fingertips about views, listens, heat maps, and impressions
  • Audience insights telling you who’s watching, what company they work for, and where they engaged with the content
  • Identify binge-able moments automatically with AI driven content recommendations tailored to your audience
  • Content and buying intent signals synced to your CRM and marketing automation systems
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Let Casted AI take the work out of managing content for you.


Seamless and easy podcast hosting

Allow Casted to simplify the podcasting hosting for you. Easily manage and host your podcast shows from Casted allowing you to manage and create content in one place.

Grow the reach of your podcasts with one click publishing

Distribute your podcast on multiple channels with a single click, broadening your listener base effortlessly.

Know who’s listening to every episode

Gain insights into your audience with analytics that track listener engagement and demographics.
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Content Hubs

Centralize your video and audio content in one place

Store, organize, and access all multimedia content from a single platform for simplified management and distribution. Find your content faster with AI powered semantic search that thinks like you do.

Identify which people and accounts are consuming your content

Using Casted Insights you can gain clarity into what companies are engaging with your content and show the ROI for content. Given them more of what they love - instantly - with AI driven content recommendations tailored to them. 

Create beautiful and custom branded landing pages

Casted will generate landing pages for you based on your brand guidelines. 
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Easily add audio and video clips right into your blog posts

Leverage our integrations with Wordpress and Hubspot CMS to seamlessly add clips to your blog posts.

Identify blog topics to write about with AI powered search

Discover topics that resonate with your audience through Casted's AI-powered search. Uncover trends, harness insights, and create content that captivates and converts.

Use instant transcripts that help write articles for you

Put conversation at the heart of your content strategy. With Casted's instant transcripts, writer's block is a thing of the past. 

Are you ready to revolutionize the way you understand and engage with your audience? Let's delve into the world of Casted Insights, a unique feature that sets Casted apart from other platforms.