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Podcast and Video Marketing Platform

B2B brands that podcast close deals 30% faster. Casted is the podcast and video marketing platform for B2B brands that know how to get the job done. Get the tools to grow your audience and significantly impact the bottom line. You'll get one-click clips, auto transcription, listener intel, and the best customer experience you've ever had. And that's barely scratching the surface of what Casted will do for your Marketing Team.

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Trusted by leading B2B brands

Your team can do more with Casted

Casted is the most advanced B2B podcast content marketing platform available to marketing teams of any size. No matter the company stage, your team can leverage the same platform that supports B2B marketers at brands like IBM, Salesforce, Gong, HubSpot, and Drift. What would your team do with more time and more content?

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The most user-trusted podcast and video solution made for busy B2B Marketers like you. G2 high performer 2023. G2 High Performer Small Business summer 2023. Users Love Us winner.

The only podcast & video solution made for busy B2B marketers like you

Podcast and video content delivers authentic engagement and drives demand — but can you maximize and measure their value?

Casted is made by B2B marketers for B2B marketers. In one platform, you can publish and distribute podcast and video content, search existing content, break it down into clips and critical takeaways, access and edit transcripts, see what brands and accounts are engaging, and measure the impact of it all in rich, meaningful ways.

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Casted is for B2B brands like yours.

Streamline how you publish, distribute, amplify, repurpose, analyze, and measure content. Manage access and governance across teams, business units, and campaigns. Casted offers solutions explicitly built for B2B brands like yours.


For publishing podcasts and video content

Host, syndicate, and distribute your audio and video content.

For amplifying content to maximize ROI

Maximize the value of your content through clips, embeds, and transcripts to be amplified on many channels.

For understanding your audience

See what brands engage with your content with unparalleled firmographic data.

For searching and repurposing existing content

Extend the life of your existing content with your own personal audio and video search engine.

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"Our content engagement has increased significantly since utilizing Casted - it's an invaluable tool for marketers to continue growing their brand and market presence by providing tools that can help marketers turn podcasts into multiple pieces of content with a much farther reach" - Meredeth Albertson, CMO at Zylo
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The Casted Amplified Marketing Platform

B2B brands use Casted to publish, amplify, repurpose, and measure content-driven engagements that deliver actionable insights and drive growth.

HubSpot Video
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Casted jumped in and made a huge impact at Salesforce in a very short time. Now our global team can deliver audio content in ways they never could before. Not only do we deliver to an external audience across podcasts and social channels, we build valuable journeys across audiences on our owned properties using the Casted embedded player. It’s been a very productive collaboration and we look forward to growing our podcasting practice at Salesforce with Casted.

Michael Rivo Salesforce LIVE, Virtual Events Content & Platform at Salesforce

Casted gives us all the tools we need to get the most out of our podcast. The platform has allowed us to scale up production, while also giving us insight into how each episode performs, where there’s opportunity for growth, and the overall success of our efforts. When every marketing activity counts, having Casted in our corner has given us everything we need to make sure our podcast delivers.

Holly Enneking Vice President of Marketing, Lev

I had already made some decisions on what it would take for me to feel better about all the work that went into producing a podcast and Casted showed up with a solution to help me solve that problem. We've been customers for most of this year and we are using it the way that I was hoping that we would - to turn our podcast into content that can fuel our marketing strategies.

Gina Hortatsos Chief Marketing Officer, LogicGate

Casted makes managing our podcast so simple. From creating custom episode landing pages, hosting, transcriptions, and analytics, we now have one platform to use for marketing our show. Plus, we get more in-depth analytics than we've ever had so we can fully understand the impact our show is having on our brand.

Stephanie Cox Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Lumavate

Casted metrics have been extremely helpful for us as we look through what episodes are performing the best, what short clips or pieces to the episodes is really interesting. Whether it's the person or the topic, it really allows us to dive a little bit deeper than just that general downloads or that general listens number.

Meg Johnson Multimedia Marketer, OpenView

Casted is the best. Period. (We knew we shouldn't let Podcat have a website login).

Podcat Chief Cat Officer, Casted
Michael Rivo
Holly Enneking
Gina Hortatsos, CMO, Logicgate
Meg Johson

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