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15 Creative and Unique Ideas For Your Next Podcast Segment

One of the biggest challenges in producing B2B podcasts and video is keeping listeners engaged. Having creative ideas for your podcast topics is not enough. There are plenty of ways to make your podcast more exciting. One way to keep the engagement up is to create segments for your episode. 

Podcast segments are different sections of your show dedicated to certain topics or activities. They can help reduce listener drop off, break up blocks of content, and make your content that much more engaging. 

But brainstorming ideas can be challenging, so we've compiled a list of 15 creative podcast segment ideas you can use in your next episode. 

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Have a Guest

If you’re not already doing it, invite experts, influencers, coworkers, business partners, and customers to join you on your podcast. This is a good way to interact with your audience and any new listeners that tune in to hear your guest. 

Q & A 

Get your listeners what they want to hear by allowing them to send in questions that you get to answer on your show. Pick the questions that are most interesting or relevant to your audience. This is a great way to bring value and create connections. 

Listener Voicemail

This offers the opportunity for your listeners to join the conversation. This can be a short interview or testimonial. Having a chance for the audience to interact with you directly is a great way to increase engagement. 


Games are a great way to help increase listener participation. You can either follow the original rules of the game you choose, or create your own spinoff. This can stay between the host and guests, or you can open it up to listeners. Just brainstorm some podcast game ideas, and choose the most relevant or fun ones. 

Podcast Plugs

Tell your listeners about other podcasts that are worth listening to. You can include short snippets, offer reviews, or even invite the host to talk about the show. 


Whatever you are interested in, let your listeners know about it. Give them recommendations on different artists, books, movies, or music they might find valuable. 

Tell a Story

You can tell stories any time you want in your podcast. But creating its own segment helps it stand out. This doesn't have to be about your podcast, this could be about your work experiences, your relationships with customers and coworkers, or anything your audience might be interested in. 

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Offer Some Facts

Did you learn anything new recently that you want to share with your listeners? Create a segment where you can highlight fun facts. This is a great way to explore specific topics you want to talk about.

Give Advice 

If you have any advice, tips, resources, or tools, let your audience know. Anything that can benefit your audience, share it! 


Highlight any guest, industry, or topics that you want to talk a little bit more about. Spotlights are more focused around factual information, rather than your opinion. 


Flashbacks are a great way to reuse some of the points you made in older podcasts. By recycling old content, you can update outdated content. This could be using short snippets or reusing the entire episodes. This is a great way to amplify your podcast content. For more ideas, check out the Amplified Marketing Playbook

Trends and News 

Look up any news related to your podcast or themes you want to discuss. Sharing the latest trends and news in your field helps establish yourself as a go-to resource. This can be current trends in your industry or feature more current events. 

Sneak Peek of Premium Content

Offering a chance for your listeners to hear premium content, gives them a chance to engage with your content. Listeners are much more likely to check out other content if they get a sample. 

Product Reviews 

Offer helpful product and service recommendations related to your show’s topic. Make sure these are relevant and honest reviews to help build trust with your audience. 

Episode Recap  

Ending your podcast with a recap can help your listeners digest all the information. This could be listing key takeaways or including a brief review. 

Podcast Segment Brainstorm 

Podcast episode ideas need to be exciting and engaging. However, creating that type of podcast content isn't always easy.

That’s where creating a podcast segment outline can help you build and manage your episode segments and keep your listeners engaged. With these different podcast segment ideas, you can create content that engages your audience. If you’d like to learn more about creating a podcast worth listening to, then sign up for our newsletter today! And if you'd like to see the Casted podcast marketing platform in action, contact us

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