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3 Reasons to Get Started with Video Podcasting Today

You’ve finally done it. You’ve taken the leap and started your very own B2B podcast to further your marketing strategy and reach your target audience. Things may be humming along, and you may be pretty happy with how it’s working so far, but something within you might still be wondering: Is there more I could be doing to grow my subscriber base? Could I better connect with my audience in some way? Is there something else I could be doing to really take things to the next level?

You’re not alone in wondering these things, and luckily, the answer to all of these questions is a resounding YES. You can be doing more to amplify your podcast’s results. At Casted, we have found that there is marketing magic in the power of imagery, and more specifically, video podcasting.

We are so confident that video podcasting should be a part of your marketing strategy that we are dedicating this entire article to why you should get started today.

The Power of Video Podcasting

Numbers don’t lie, and statistics show the worthiness of video podcasting with a proverbial megaphone (talk about amplifying). For instance, did you know video is the primary form of media used in content marketing today? That’s because people are consuming hours upon hours of content each week. Video is the number-one source of information for 66% of people. So it just makes sense to add video podcasting to your marketing repertoire.

These telling statistics echo our claim that video podcasting is quickly becoming the preferred mode of communication and advertising, and it is taking over today’s online world. This epic rise in popularity — and resulting success — makes perfect sense, as it is widely known that humans are visual creatures.

Studies have even shown that by pairing relevant images with information, people are 65% more likely to retain the information three days later. In other words, if you want your message to hit home (harder), then video podcasting is the way to go.

But how do you get started? The (easiest) option is to partner with Casted and take advantage of its revolutionary Amplified Marketing system. With Casted’s B2B podcasting platform, you can upload your video podcast, create spin-out video clips and multimedia pieces to share with your audience, and then quickly distribute it across platforms for an omnichannel campaign. You can also track the progress of your episodes to see how well they’re performing. And we’ll get to all of that.

For now, read on for our top three reasons you should get started on your very own video podcast.

1. Creates Deeper Connections with Your Audience

The truth of the matter is this: Video podcasting provides a different sort of appeal that audio (or blogging) alone simply cannot. Video adds visual complexity and emotional depth that audio lacks.

Think about it. Video puts real physical faces to voices, catches nuances not heard in audio (such as a host’s or guest’s expressions or body language, personality, etc.), and creates a greater level of intimacy. It’s almost as if you are right there with the listener, having an authentic conversation together.

In a way, video podcasting opens the door to becoming a trusted friend and ally for your audience, where they actually see you and your co-hosts or guests talking and interacting with one another. They can relate to you as a person now, not a faceless, cold brand out there in the ether. It’s a remarkable distinction.

Video is not only a way to establish a deeper rapport with your audience, but it is also an excellent way to earn their trust. Numerous studies, including one conducted by the University College London, found that video induced the highest level of trust among listening audiences.

2. Expands Your Podcast’s Reach

Incorporating video podcasting into your marketing strategy is a win-win situation. If you already have an audience following — from a current audio podcast or other forms of marketing — this allows you to continue to reach your existing audience on the channels and format they are already enjoying and tuning in for. It also lets you take it a step further and attract an all-new slew of audience members who may not have otherwise tuned in because previous material lacking visuals just wasn’t appealing or convenient for them.

After all, consumers are unique individuals who each prefer different mediums and formats for consuming content. Adding a video podcasting element to your marketing is a surefire way to add value to and give more options to your existing audience. It also invites a whole new demographic into your living room (or sound studio) to get to know you and your brand on their terms. Basically, you are catering to them and serving them by stepping into their comfort zone and preferred method of interaction.

Simply put: The convenience factor of video podcasting cannot be underestimated. And what makes coupling it with audio streaming in particular so great is that offering this dynamic duo allows your audience to consume your content whenever — and however — they want.

3. Positively Impacts Metrics

Let’s talk metrics. Specifically, let’s talk about how video podcasting can multiply your metrics. As we mentioned already, video is hot right now. When paired with audio podcasts, you are able to accommodate the wants and needs of both audio and visual listeners, thus exponentially boosting your odds of getting more traffic and higher audience engagement.

Need more convincing? Want more specifics? We have numbers to back it up: For instance, did you know video appears in 70% of the top 100 search listings? That’s some serious SEO power you can use to improve your ranking and traffic. 
This speaks volumes on how effective video content can be as a lead generation tool. Marketers who are privy to this are publishing more video content to their company website (second to Facebook and YouTube). And 73% of B2B marketers say video positively impacts their ROI. Adding videos to your pages can also increase the average time people spend on your website and drive up engagement.

Bottom line: By adding video podcasting to your marketing strategy, you can amplify your content and brand awareness. This can potentially drive more traffic, leads, and sales.

Want to learn more about how Casted can help you make your video podcasting “vision” a reality? Reach out to us today for a demo!