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Meet Our Co-Founder, Product and Technology - Adam Patarino

Adam Patarino is the co-founder of Casted, and is in love with problem solving and finding unique solutions to problems he encounters. So it was a no-brainer for him to join Lindsay Tjepkema when he heard about the SaaS startup she was building that would solve issues for B2B companies that were producing podcasts.

Both Adam and Zachary met Lindsay while working at Emarsys (on different teams), a SaaS/MarTech platform. While Lindsay ran the Marketing efforts at Emarsys, Adam was the Director of Solutions Architecture, leading a team of consultants and engineers in the design and execution of custom solutions and customer onboarding. Prior to Emarsys, Adam worked in a variety of Marketing Saas companies, as a developer, and solutions designer, solving problems for customers through software.

Before the pandemic, you’d likely find him hanging out at Turchetti’s bar with a Smash Burger. But these days, he hangs out at home with his fiancée, Aubrey, his dog Rabbit, and cat Leonard. They enjoy making coffee with their espresso machine, the price for which they refuse to divulge (they swear it’s cheaper than going out for coffee every day).

Adam has been a long time follower of podcasts, listening to shows like Radiolab and Revisionist History or when seeking industry inspiration, he’ll switch the channel to Build by Maggie Crowley at Drift or ProductCraft by Pendo.

It’s no coincidence that he loves podcasts and works day in and day out developing a platform to help B2B brands build successful podcast channels. In his own words, “Hearing ideas in someone’s voice brings so much meaning to whatever I’m learning.”

For more in Adam’s own voice, you can find him as a guest writer on the Casted Blog.