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B2B Content Marketers Spend 82% of Time Creating Content, Casted Report Finds

Amplified marketing leader uncovers common pain points for content marketers

INDIANAPOLIS — January 18, 2022 — Casted, the first amplified marketing platform and only audio and video podcast solution designed for enterprise marketers, today announced the findings from its new industry report, revealing changing trends in B2B content marketing. The full report, The State of the Content Marketer Report, provides insight into the biggest pain points for modern content marketers, identifying their tactics, tools and current strategies, and uncovering opportunities for growth and innovations. 

“Content markers have one of the hardest jobs. Their role is constantly evolving, forcing them to keep up with impossible demands and expectations for engaging audiences with the right message  — especially as the digital landscape continues to be the driving source of information,” said Lindsay Tjepkema, CEO and Co-Founder of Casted. “As a content marketer, creating content is just half of the job. Ensuring the content is used to its full potential is the other, and that part is where just over half of content marketers fall short. Content marketers are short on time to do their job and lack the proper resources to execute an amplified marketing strategy. By amplifying marketing efforts and repurposing rich, creative content, marketers can make the most of their time, effort, and money — all while bringing the focus back to their audience’s needs.”

Nearly a third of B2B buyers’ time is spent searching and researching content they find online to inform and support their buying decisions. Marketers are investing in content to meet these needs, and Casted’s data shows insights from more than 100 B2B content marketers, noting content marketing efforts, performance, tools, and more. 

Key insights from the report include: 

  • B2B content marketers report spending an average of 33 hours creating content weekly. Content creation takes the most time yet is only one of a content marketer’s responsibilities.

  • Video and podcast content is underrepresented in strategies. Only 32% of content marketers are utilizing podcasts as an effective channel and less than half of marketers are repurposing existing assets — for example, videos or webinar clips — and leveraging them elsewhere, such as email and/or social media. 

  • Content marketers are using between four and five platforms on average to execute their marketing strategies. 

  • In terms of channel breakdown, virtually all content marketers create social media messages, emails/newsletters, and blog posts. More than half (61%) also develop videos and webinars, while fewer create whitepapers (47%), and only a handful produce audiograms or audio clips (4%).

For more survey results, you can read the full report here.