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Casted Enables B2B Content Marketers to Easily Identify Best Traffic Channels and Promote Content and Events

INDIANAPOLIS — November 7, 2022 — Casted, the first amplified marketing platform and only podcast  and video solution designed for B2B marketers, today announced Casted Share Center and Promotions, two powerful features that allow marketers to know exactly which channels bring in the most traffic when content is shared and offer a simple way to promote events and content within a podcast episode. 

With Casted’s Share Center, content marketers can now easily identify the channels and campaigns that provide the most traffic to their brand’s content. Marketers can now: 

  • See each uniquely generated share inside of their account in one powerhouse tool. 

  • Easily search and filter through their shares with the power of Casted Search.

  • Drill down to see the performance of individual shares to identify their strongest channels and content strategies.

To accompany the new Share Center feature, Casted has updated the sharing experience to include fields to add a name, description, and destination for each unique share. This makes it easier to track and measure shares inside the Casted platform and gives content marketers a deeper look into how their content is performing in each channel.

Another small yet impactful update: Customers can now also share an entire collection as a link on the collection page! This makes it significantly easier for a content marketing team to share their entire collection of content with their audience.

With the other new release, Casted Promotions, marketers can now add a custom intro or outro file to their existing podcast and video content — without changing the episode or show itself. This feature is a game changer for marketers who want to use their content to promote other events, opportunities, or content.

Promotions also offers the ability to create a clickable banner on the Casted video player that will direct the Casted audience to the URL of a brand’s choice, perfect for driving up registrations for a live event or webinar.

For more information on Casted Share Center and Promotions or to learn more about how Casted’s podcasting and video solution can improve a B2B brand’s content marketing strategy and effectiveness, click here.