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Casted is Committed to Making Conversation the Future of Marketing

Last night was incredible. We officially launched Casted out into the world. As I thought about what I wanted to say on stage at our big launch event, I decided to start by sharing a secret. And I’ll share it here with you, too.  

 I didn’t start Casted because I love podcasts. 


While I do love (LOVE) podcasts, I actually started this company because I’m passionate about authentic conversation. 

In our announcement yesterday, I discussed my passion for putting authentic conversations at the center of our marketing strategies and explained that I set out to build a marketing platform to do so.

You see, as humans, we are wired for connection.  We crave it - introverts and extroverts, personally and professionally, male/female. We need to feel connected with others. It’s a basic human need. Which makes it a basic business need. As marketers, we constantly seek the best way to connect with our audiences, build trust, and establish relationships between them and our brands. 

What better way to do that than through authentic conversation? Which is one reason podcasts have exploded in popularity in recent years. They let listeners in on a conversation, which makes them feel more connected to the content than any other medium. 

Why does this matter to brands?

This opens up an incredible opportunity for brands. Today’s most forward-thinking brands have already realized that by letting their audiences in on authentic conversations that are relevant and meaningful to them, they’re able to create a much deeper relationship.

And because these conversations are so valuable, many brands are creating podcasts to capture these conversations as part of their content and marketing strategies. They often discover that the tools they are using just don’t cut it for the work they are doing. Most podcasting tools were built for the solo podcaster or hobbyist, not brands trying to leverage these conversations in a bigger way. 

Think about it, it’s like an IndyCar driver trying to win the Indy 500 with a matchbox car. It just doesn’t make sense. Marketers creating and using branded podcasts deserve more. And that’s why we created Casted, to give marketers the tools they need to make every branded podcast they create a goldmine of content.

What does Casted do?

The Casted platform empowers you to manage, activate and measure these authentic conversations 

Manage: We addressed the frustration marketers have with podcast tools today: they are fragmented and simply not designed for branded podcasts.  Casted is the first and only centralized platform to allow marketers to manage their branded show all in one place.

Activate: Once an episode is created, we make it easy to not only publish it, but “wring it out” in a way that you reach more people with relevant info in a format that resonates across all channels. 

Measure: We go beyond basic vanity metrics like “downloads” to bring you the metrics that matter for your brand  focused on engagement and attribution so you have a better understanding of how your podcast is impacting your brand and fueling your pipeline.

Thanks to our early customers and investors

We’re solving business issues faced by our audience of marketers. But we also know that business-to-business is really human-to-human. And I’m so passionate about authentic conversations because they serve the humans on both sides of the equation. That’s why so many companies have already jumped onboard with Casted, using the platform to put their podcasts at the center of their broader marketing strategy.

We’re building something incredibly exciting. As a marketer myself, I am passionate about the product we’re building and know it will change the way brands approach their marketing strategies - putting conversations at the center. 

Continue on this journey with us, as this is only the beginning. 

You can watch my talk from launch night below. Interested in following along? Read our full release here. Listen to our podcast to hear from some of the best podcasters in the B2B space. Ready to learn more about Casted? Talk with Podcat now!


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