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Casted Launches Audiograms

It’s a happy day in the Casted office. We’re excited to announce an awesome new feature we’re rolling out in our latest release: Audiograms!

What is an Audiogram?

Glad you asked!

An Audiogram is a short video made from a piece of audio that usually includes some static images, small animations, and (most importantly) moving subtitles or closed captions. This video is used to share a piece of audio in places where plain audio is not supported - like all social media platforms.

You’ve probably seen this while scrolling through LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter. It’s a great way to quickly capture a user’s attention whether the volume is enabled or disabled on their device.

Check out an example of one of Casted's Audiograms below. In it, I discuss what exactly an Audiogram is. Meta right?

Why did we build Audiograms?

To us, Audiograms are a great example of how Casted helps our customers Activate their podcast content. These playable clips are a great way to share small, bite-sized pieces of a podcast that are intended to grab the interest of users as they quickly scan through content on channels like social media (where you have very little time to capture a user’s attention). 

Ultimately, Audiograms help bring listeners to your podcast episode where they can dive deeper into the episode, see related resources, and ultimately spend more time with your brand.

Below is another example of the Casted Audiogram with an explanation about why we built them. Again, so meta.

How they work

Audiograms have been long requested by our customers as an alternative to tools like Headliner or Wavve. Put simply, it’s a headache and time consuming to upload an episode to multiple locations, cut clips, generate transcriptions, edit those transcriptions, design and generate videos, and finally share them to promote an episode.

We did away with all those extra steps - after all, Casted already transcribes the entire episode and makes clip generation as easy as selecting text. With a clip created, simply click share, choose one of our pre-built templates, and generate the video. The generated video can be shared anywhere videos are supported - even scheduled via your existing tools like Kapost or Hubspot.

Interested in learning more? Talk to Podcat (or a Pod-Human) today! 

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