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Casted Launches Drift Integration

It’s no secret we’re best friends with Drift. Just look in the corner and you’ll see Podcat ready to help you with any questions you have or get you connected with a Podhuman on the Casted team (that’s powered by Drift). Maybe you’ve even listened to one of Drift’s amazing podcasts, powered by Casted.

As Casted enters its second year, we know how important it is to strengthen our relationships with our friends and partners to give our customers the best product on the market - so we made it official and built a native integration for Drift and Casted!

Let’s break it down:

What is it?

Casted is the only podcasting solution for marketers and brands, happily helping some of the best B2B companies around harness the power of their podcast conversations. And Drift happens to be the world’s first and only conversational marketing platform. (This pitch should already be making sense).

We partnered with our friends at Drift to make it easy to add your Drift Chatbots on Casted pages. Your listeners can now live chat with you directly from your branded podcast pages. We’ll also push relevant data about the podcast, episode, and listening behavior to each contact that visits Casted, so you can build amazing Playbooks and enhance listening experiences.

Why did we create this?

Authentic conversations are at the heart of great podcasts and something we talk about all the time at Casted. Drift built their company on Conversational Marketing - they even wrote a book on it! But how do you invite another person into a conversation that’s already happened?

We’ve all had that moment listening to a podcast where you had something you wanted to add to the conversation. You might have even said something aloud in your car or in front of other people (we’re not judging). It’s like that moment in Jeopardy where you have to shout that you know the answer, even though the TV can’t hear you. 

But, what if you could hear your listeners? What if you could invite them into a conversation that already happened? We built our integration with Drift to do just that.

With Casted and Drift, your customers can reach out to your team with questions, ideas, or the right answer to your Jeopardy questions. Your Drift bot will know exactly what episode they’re listening to - it’ll even know how many other episodes they check out and for how long. 

Example? Oh, we’ve got examples:

  • A prospect has listened to two earlier episodes and is checking out your latest episode. Your Drift bot introduces itself asking your prospect which episode was their favorite.
  • A customer is listening to an older episode where they learn about a great marketing strategy, but they have questions on how to implement it, so they reach out to your Drift bot.
  • A listener is interested in getting the free download you offered as a CTA on one of your podcast episodes. Your Drift bot can easily deliver that to the listener. 
  • An episode asks listeners to respond to a survey question. Let your Drift bot collect the answers for you right from the page. 

You get the idea.

How can I use Drift on my Casted pages?

Simply drop your Drift site ID on the integrations page in Casted. That’s seriously all it takes. Easy right? After that, you can setup Playbooks, automated conversation responses, and see listening behavior on contact records in Drift!

As lovers of conversation and being, well… human, we’re incredibly excited to offer this integration to our Casted users. 

Interested in seeing what this actually looks like on a podcast page? Check out our latest podcast episode for a glimpse!

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