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Casted Secures $2.35 Million Seed Funding, Launches First Marketing Platform for Branded Podcasts

It's officially launch day in the Casted office and we couldn't be more excited. I founded this company, not because I love podcasts, but because I am passionate about authentic conversations. Authentic conversations should be the cornerstone of any good marketing strategy. And given the excitement and support we've had in our seed round, I know that we're not alone in this opinion.

I'm excited for you to learn more about Casted and the vision we have for bringing authentic conversation to the forefront of marketing through podcasting. You can read the full press release below. I hope you'll take the time to learn more about Casted and what it can do for the podcast world.

Thank you for celebrating with us today!


P.S. Podcat wants you to know he's excited too.

High Alpha Capital, Elevate Ventures, and SaaS industry leaders infuse Casted with growth capital for category-leading podcasting platform.

INDIANAPOLIS (February 5, 2020) - Casted, the first SaaS (software-as-a-service) marketing platform for branded podcasts, today announces $2.35 million in seed funding as it launches from the High Alpha venture studio. The round included institutional and individual investors, including High Alpha Capital, Elevate Ventures, Tappan Hill Ventures, and other leading SaaS angel investors.

“In recent years, we have all seen an explosion in podcasting. And with that, marketers have an incredible opportunity,” said Lindsay Tjepkema, CEO at Casted. “Today, brands and audiences, alike, are embracing podcasting because they are uniquely founded on authentic conversations; they create a connection. That's a win for both the brand and its audience. Casted is here to empower our customers with the only purpose-built platform for branded podcasts and their unique technology needs.”

Marketers use the Casted platform to host, organize, distribute, and measure the performance of their branded podcast shows and episodes. Casted’s growing list of customers already includes notable brands like Drift, Pendo, Terminus, and LogicGate. 

“We signed with Casted for the daily #FlipMyFunnel podcast early-on because it’s the first podcasting platform I have seen that is made for brand marketers. It provides advanced analytics into our show and it's a central place to manage and activate each episode,” said Terminus Chief Evangelist and Co-Founder Sangram Vajre. “Casted allows marketers to be more efficient and strategic about using our podcasts to grow our audiences.”

Casted will use the funding to grow its product, sales, and marketing teams. Casted will also continue to expand its platform, adding new features and evolving to meet market needs. 

“Content marketing continues to evolve quickly with marketers launching branded podcasts to build more authentic and effective connection with customers,” said Scott Dorsey, Managing Partner at High Alpha. “We are thrilled to be partnering with Lindsay and her team to build the first podcast platform for B2B marketers.”

For further information on Casted, visit our product page, follow us on Twitter @gocasted, or listen to The Casted Podcast.

About Casted

Casted is the first and only marketing platform for branded podcasts, empowering showrunners to unlock the full potential of each episode. Marketers can manage, activate, and measure podcasts from end-to-end while engaging their audience, increasing sales alignment, and quantifying podcast value with metrics that matter. Learn more at casted.us or on Twitter @gocasted.

About High Alpha

High Alpha, based in Indianapolis, Indiana, is a leading venture studio focused on conceiving, launching and scaling next-generation enterprise cloud companies. For more information: highalpha.com or on Twitter at @highalpha.

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