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Casted Quadruples Revenue in its Second Year

Brand podcast platform exceeds expectations well ahead of two-year anniversary

INDIANAPOLIS — December 2, 2020 — Casted, the first and only podcast platform built for B2B marketers, today announces significant growth months ahead of its two-year anniversary next spring. Despite a global pandemic, the company continues to thrive as it empowers B2B sales and marketing teams to increase engagement and establish more genuine connections with their audiences - something even more important this year than ever - all through the power of brand podcasts. 

As podcast listenership reached an all-time high in 2020 and continues to grow exponentially, more organizations are using podcasts as engines to power their entire content marketing strategies, relying on the authentic conversations from their shows to fuel all other channels and assets. Continuing its mission to empower B2B brands, including market leaders like Salesforce, Drift, Terminus, Sumo Logic, ZoomInfo, and OpenView, use podcasting to establish connections and facilitate conversions, Casted closes out the calendar year with record numbers; increasing revenue by 400%, tripling its customer base, and doubling the size of its team.

“Founders are innately wired for uncertainty. We’re accustomed to pushing through the unknowns until we find success. But when surprises like all those we’ve faced throughout 2020 enter the mix, a young startup’s ability to thrive through adversity takes on a whole new meaning,” said Lindsay Tjepkema, CEO and co-founder of Casted. “In spite of all that 2020 has thrown at us, the success we’ve seen just this year on a local, national - even global - scale, beginning with our launch early in the year, to speaking at events like INBOUND and coverage in publications like Forbes and Forrester, to the incredible customers that have become a part of our journey are true testaments to the Casted solution and the ridiculously talented people behind it. Nobody does what we do. And it’s because of our team’s drive to put podcasts at the center of every brand’s strategy around the world that we have seen such momentum.” 

Casted innovates continuously to exceed market expectations. This year, the company announced integrations with industry leaders Drift, HubSpot, WordPress, Marketo, Eloqua, and Pardot to supercharge the modern content marketing strategy. Casted paired these integrations with new offerings, including audiograms, hosting, premium transcription, and metrics that matter to B2B brands - all to deliver the most comprehensive podcast experience. 

“Casted jumped in and made a huge impact at Salesforce in a very short time. They consolidated our 25+ shows around the world (and growing) into one place. And then worked with our Digital team to rollout custom pages on our website’s resource center,” said Michael Rivo, Director, Salesforce LIVE. “Now our global team can deliver audio content in ways they never could before. Not only do we deliver to an external audience across podcasts and social channels, we build valuable journeys across audiences on our owned properties using the Casted embedded player. It’s been a very productive collaboration and we look forward to growing our podcasting practice at Salesforce with Casted.”

These advancements come on the heels of Casted’s board expansion, where two notable CMOs, Mulberry’s Ellie Mirman and LogicGate’s Gina Hortatsos, joined as members to further reinvent the content marketing strategy through conversations. For more information on how Casted is creating the new era of content marketing, visit casted.us.


About Casted

Casted is the only content marketing platform built to empower B2B marketers to access, amplify, and attribute their podcast content as the central engine of their content marketing strategies. With Casted, marketers can harness the power of conversation to create rich, relevant, expert-driven content that serves a purpose and delivers results. Leading companies with brand podcasts, including Salesforce, Terminus, Drift, Auth0, Sumo Logic, Pendo and LogicGate, trust Casted’s platform to amplify the conversations they have as part of their marketing strategy. Based in Indianapolis, the company is backed by High Alpha Capital, Elevate Ventures, Tappan Hill Ventures and more. Learn more at casted.us or Twitter @gocasted.