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Casted’s Partnership with Spotify Allows B2B Podcasters to Know Their Audience Even Better

Spotify now owns the podcasting market with 27.3% of listeners in the U.S. tuning into their favorite shows on the app, beating out the former champion Apple Podcasts who deliver to 21.9% of listeners. Spotify’s 21% increase in audience share over the last two years makes the platform and its listener data all the more crucial for B2B podcasters who absolutely need to know who is in their audience. 

Now you too can know which companies are listening to your show on Spotify due to a unique partnership between Casted and Spotify. Leveraging this ABM tech-oriented method, you have access to critical listener behavior, analytics, and firmographic data on WHO is listening to your podcast through the Spotify app.  

While that in itself is pretty cool (if we don’t mind saying so ourselves), what’s also cool is we can do the same with Apple Podcasts and everyone else. That means that no matter where your show is being listened to, Casted can go beyond anonymous data and tell you which brands are engaging. 

Perhaps the coolest thing of all is that with Casted Insights, all your listener data will be in one place for easy access. You no longer have to look at multiple dashboards across all the different podcast apps — you can find everything in one place and really understand who’s engaging with your show.

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Spotify + Casted Insights Analytics

With this new enhancement in our longtime relationship with Spotify, Casted customers now have more advanced access to Spotify listener behavior and analytics data than other podcast hosting platforms can provide.

In particular, you can see analytics in near real time (which isn’t available to all B2B podcasts), as opposed to having to rely on an API where the analytics aren’t available 24 hours later. And you get Spotify listenership analytics at the same speed as everybody else, including Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. 

The most important thing here is all that listener data (IP-resolved and firmographic) goes right into Casted Insights, our podcasting analytics tool, allowing you to:

    • See which companies engage with your podcast, regardless of the listening platform.
    • Feed your data directly into Insights so it’s all in one place and you don’t have to pull data from multiple sources and match it up on your own.
    • Have a better overall user experience in managing your podcast and tracking performance and growth. 

Get the Most Valuable Data for Your Podcast

In the past, a lot of listener engagement data was anonymous, which is better than no data, but in a B2B company, the most valuable data should give you a lot more information. “You need to know of the brands that are in your pipeline that are listening,” Casted Customer Success Manager, Katie Nehrenz says. But that hasn’t always been easy for B2B podcasters.

When platforms like Apple deliver content (like a podcast episode), that delivery reveals the listener's IP address, which Casted uses to reveal firmographic data (revealing the brands tuning in to your show). 

However, Spotify is not as open as many other platforms which means podcasters aren’t able to see IP-resolved listener data. That's why the Spotify + Casted partnership is so game-changing.

From the beginning, our brand has focused on getting more meaningful data to our customers to help them know exactly who’s listening by matching up IPs with the brands they represent — not always an easy task. However, as Adam Patarino, Casted’s Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder, states, "We have been able to match up to 65% of listeners to a company depending on the customer." For our customers, this translates into an incredible amount of listener information for the majority of their audiences.  

Know Who’s in Your Audience

Knowing who is in your audience is one of the key pieces to a B2B podcast strategy, and that’s exactly what Casted Insights does for you! We have amazing customers already using Insights in multiple needle-moving ways. 

    • You can leverage Insights as a way to identify who's in your audience and reach out to those prospects sooner. 
    • Insights data can help you understand which topics certain industries are interested in. You can then create audiograms, videograms, or even playlists around those topics and send them out to prospects in that same industry to say, "Others are enjoying this. What do you think?" or "Here's a powerful quote." 
    • Insights enables you to map your sales journey to provide a better experience for leads and prospects. 
    • You can even use the analytics to prove your podcast’s impact on pipeline by being able to identify customers in deals that have recently sold and that were also listeners and viewers of your show just a couple of months ago. 

Now with the Spotify + Casted partnership feeding Insights, you never have to settle for downloads to measure audience size or behavior. Instead, you can intimately understand your audience on Spotify the same as the other major podcasting platforms, and you can use this advanced knowledge to better engage with prospects, drive pipeline, bring your potential customers further down the funnel, and truly make a business impact with your podcast or video series.

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