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How to Bridge the Marketing and Sales Gap with Podcasts

Every good conversation starts with good listening. Yet sometimes, we’re so laser-focused on our own goals and agendas that we forget to take in the whole picture.

Take sales and marketing, for example. We’ve all felt the gap (and, yes, often the tension) between these departments in our organizations. There’s often a lack of real conversation — between leaders and even colleagues that negatively impacts the organization and customers. 

While marketing and sales are like two sides of the same coin, the truth is that both are made up of salespeople, just in different capacities. Marketers traditionally take the bird’s eye view, maintaining a broader vision of what the industry and organization are up to, and salespeople are trained to drill down to the individual and reach them on a personal level. While their approaches are different, the goal is the same: to influence and attract buyers and convert them into customers. 

We think it’s long overdue for both sides to finally link arms and work together to pursue the same results. But how, you might ask? Through meaningful conversations that get at the heart of the matter—and that’s exactly what Casted was designed to do. 

Conversation is King

“Sometimes the greatest adventure is simply a conversation.”

- Amadeus Wolfe, writer

In the digital age, marketers are constantly told to market to the individual consumer. But this contradicts the way we’ve been trained—to appeal to the masses and tee up opportunities for sales to sell to the individual. In fact, marketers rarely come face-to-face with customers, unlike salespeople. Could it be that there’s a missing link in the process? 


But not just any conversation. We’re all starving for conversations that are relevant, timely, and authentic. And they’re happening every day. 

These strategic and meaningful conversations are what should serve as the cornerstone of your marketing strategy. Conversations with industry experts, customers, and fellow marketers/salespeople are riddled with gold nuggets of wisdom, experience, and good old-fashioned human stories. 

And no one better knows the value of these conversations than podcasters. But not all are able to take this rich audio content and activate it for the biggest and best results. Podcasts are often hastily created, published, quickly promoted, and then left behind in the wake of the next deadline, leaving seriously untapped value on the table. 

At Casted, we know podcasting, which means we understand the massive power they hold—and that doesn’t end when you hit publish. In fact, it’s just beginning. We’re a content marketing platform that’s literally built on conversations, allowing sales and marketing to align and unify for more powerful selling. 

To us, there’s no such thing as a one-and-done interview. When the interview is over, that’s when the wheels really start turning. With podcasting content, both marketers and salespeople can drive further value in a number of ways:



Share podcast clips as quick snippets to draw interest and generate buzz.

Transcribe and index podcasts to attract more visitors through SEO.

Measure results and go beyond “number of downloads” with deep podcast analytics.

Gain better visibility into audience behavior and engagement for future programming.

Easily search for specific content and clips in a library of indexed podcasts to pique interest or close a deal.

Repurpose podcast content in sales materials, email campaigns, SDR cadences, pitches, and more.

Analyze and make direct correlations between your podcast and your sales pipeline.

Bring even long-distance subject matter experts to the table.

Meaningful Conversation in Practice

Take a story from my co-founder and sales guru Zachary Ballenger. In a previous life, he was an enterprise sales rep for a small company. The company’s CEO was a brilliant and magnetic thought leader, someone who could speak with tons of authority and experience. Having the CEO at Zachary’s side with potential clients definitely helped close deals. But it’s simply not possible to stretch a single individual across multiple sales deals, schedules, and locations. Now at Casted, Zachary knows there’s an easier way. The podcasts we produce, featuring engaging experts across podcasting, marketing, and sales, can be broken down and repurposed. We can share the most poignant pieces from these authentic industry conversations with prospects and existing customers for a much more emotional connection than any datasheet ever could. Best of all? Podcasts come straight from marketing, so content is on-brand, on-strategy, and on-point. 

This is the heart behind what we do here at Casted: we bridge the gap between marketing and sales in one of the richest ways possible: through human connections and authentic conversations. It’s time to stop operating in silos and finally close the chasm between two different worlds that ultimately both want the same outcomes.

Contact us today to learn how Casted allows for evangelism at scale without forfeiting the individual relationships you’ve worked so hard to cultivate.  

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