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Creating Connections By Building Communities with Mighty Networks' Gina Bianchini

We're here bringing you a brand new show... one we're all very excited to share with you because it's tapping into the entrepreneurs, visionaries, and entrepreneurs who have not only inspired the Casted Crew, but who are also building the companies and training the leaders of the future. 

And we're kicking off with a pretty amazing guest. 

Gina Bianchini is a successful entrepreneur and investor, known for founding and leading companies like Ning and Mighty Networks. The latter of which is introducing a new generation of creative business built around community.

Listen in as Gina and Lindsay celebrate International Women's month and discuss the different narratives of women moving forward in their careers as well as the businesses, teams, and innovation that they are both passionate about. 


Digging into Key Takeaways

In each episode, we like to highlight the key takeaways from each show. Think of it as a podcast outline or live show notes. Here are just a few of the takeaways that really stood out to us in this episode.

Boldly Be Yourself

You can't be everything to everyone. And that's ok. In fact it's fantastic! The more you know who are, the more you understand the environments and groups that are and aren't for you. And by boldly being yourself, you can surround yourself with the people and communities that you want to show up for and that you know will show up for you to help get you where you want to go. 

Bringing People Together Through Communities

Human beings crave to be part of a community. And now more than ever, brands have an opportunity to build diverse and purposeful communities that they can bring their own unique personality and expertise to. In doing so, you can create real connection with people and build a space for them to master skills, reach a common goal, and be a part of something bigger than themselves. Who wouldn't want to get behind that?

Decade of Digital Subscriptions

There is a hunger for new experiences. And with this comes an opportunity for your brand to connect with your audience by creating truly engaging experiences and providing them with real value. In turn, you will own your audience (sound familiar?) which you can translate into a community and membership that continues to grow and create value for everyone involved. 

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About Casting a Vision

Casting a Vision is a show hosted by Casted's CEO and Co-Founder Lindsay Tjepkema. In this show, Lindsay will chat with leaders, visionaries, and entrepreneurs who have not only influenced her journey as an entrepreneur, founder, and leader, but are also building the companies and training the leaders of the future. Tune in to hear and learn from these leaders and learn more about their journey with Lindsay as your guide..