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Events Amplified: Turning Conversations into Cornerstone Content

Now more than ever, marketing teams are being asked to do more with fewer resources — less budget, less humans, less bandwidth. So how do we make the best use of the things we do have? Maximize and track your most valuable content: conversations.

Yes, something as simple as a conversation with an expert around a subject your audience cares about is one of the easiest and most time-effective way to create the high-value content that builds real connection with your customers and prospects.

By starting with a live event, podcast, video, or webinar, you can take that content gold and amplify it across multiple channels and formats — not once, but many times. This enables you to produce a plethora of high-value content that your audience will want to interact with and that will have real, measurable business impact.

Our fearless leader Lindsay Tjepkema recently joined Airmeet's Mark Kilens and Share Your Genius's Rachel Elsts Downey to discuss how live events (and podcasts) can serve as cornerstone content that you can build a strategy around and easily transform into other formats — blogs, emails, social posts, audio- and videograms, etc. — and that you can turn around in just a couple of hours to amplify across your channels and meet your audience where they're at.

Check out some of the key takeaways from this conversation, and learn how you can start harnessing the power of conversation to fuel your content strategy...

Pros and Cons of Live Events as the Starting Point of Your Content Strategy 🚀

Like with many content types, the approach you take is determined by your desired outcome. Live events are a great way to be authentic with your audience, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it's the only way to show that authenticity. An event-led content strategy is a great way to reach your audience in real time with content they care about, but this can also be accomplished by other means, such as recording a podcast and using that as a cornerstone piece of content to amplify your message. The bottom line is, live or not, the conversation is the key to creating real connection with your customers, and by doing so, conversation fuels your marketing strategy.

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The Building Blocks of a Holistic Content Strategy 🏗️

Three of the best questions you can ask yourself when planning your content marketing strategy are:

    • Who is it for?
    • Why am I doing it?
    • What is my desired outcome?

By focusing on these things, you can really hone in on the story you want to tell and the experience and emotion you want your audience to walk away with. And not only that, you can strategically plan for what you want them to do after the fact.

The Importance of an Amplification Strategy for Your Content 📣

So you have your cornerstone content in the form of a podcast or event, you've decided who you're trying to reach and your desired outcomes, so what's next?

An amplification strategy, of course! If you're going to invest time and resources to create cornerstone content — especially now, when both time and resources are limited for marketers — be sure to get the most out of it. Wring it out. Create blog posts, key takeaways, audio- and videograms, etc. And whether you're a team of one or many, having an amplification strategy allows you to extend your reach and your impact.

Ready to Turn Conversations into Cornerstone Content?

Whether you start with a recorded conversation or a live event, by just hitting record, you are creating a high-value piece of content that can fuel the rest of your content strategy across formats and channels. And not to toot our own horn, you can easily amplify that content with a single platform — Casted.

Learn more about how you can level up your content marketing approach with a custom demo. Or you can see the platform for yourself in just 3 minutes.