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Founder Series: Why We Use Our Own Platform

At Casted, we’re always talking about the power of B2B podcasting and how wringing it out can amplify your content strategy. So is it really a surprise that we practice what we preach?

Not only are we creating podcasts that are engaging, compelling, and featuring experts with great insights and stories—we’re also finding ways to repurpose that content for different channels. And because we believe in our platform so much, we decided it was the best solution to use for our own content needs.

Here’s a look at why we decided to use Casted to power our content strategy.

Taking a Conversation Across Channels is Simple

People today don’t like being advertised or marketed to. They want open dialogue and communication with brands. So the brands that can deliver on this will find it easier to connect with their target audience and gain their trust (and possibly even their loyalty).

This is why podcasts are gaining popularity by the hour.

“So a podcast is great. And as we’ve talked about before and all the time, there’s no other channel that creates that kind of trust and connection as people are consuming your content because you’re literally just inviting them in a conversation that they can listen in on anytime,” Lindsay Tjepkema, our CEO and Co-Founder, explained.

We’re consistently breaking apart the discussions we have in our podcast episodes. We’re chopping up areas of the conversation to develop in-depth blog posts, bite-sized social posts, and even short videos, which we upload across various channels.

“Quite often, marketers make the mistake of putting a podcast by itself on its own little isolated island. And that’s a mistake because when you have the ability to talk to someone that your audience wants to hear from, an expert in that space, your customers, your partners, people even inside your company, why in the world would you leave that as podcast content by itself?

Why in the world wouldn’t you also capture video content and use that video content on its own? Use the podcast on its own? Wring out that podcast content across all of your written materials, use it to provide sales collateral, pull use cases out of it, and pull courses and white papers out of that information? Those conversations should be strategically driving everything else that you’re doing from a content marketing perspective,” Lindsay said.

We make it very simple to achieve this by enabling you to upload content across channels and track metrics for them. Plus, you can search our database to quickly find episodes and other content you’ve published so that you can easily find and share that content. Taking conversations across channels is fast and easy.

Offering Sales-Enablement to Our Sales Team is Seamless

A common issue we find within organizations is the presence of silos across departments and databases. We understand better than anyone that having access is vital to making marketing and sales initiatives work.

“Being able to also use podcast episodes as video content, as blog content, and social media content to equip your sales team with sales enablement, bits and pieces, that is how you really harness the power of an expert voice and amplify it across other channels,” Lindsay continued.

Like many of our customers have witnessed, Casted has made it seamless for us to share marketing content and data with sales, empowering them with the information they need to communicate with, nurture, and close deals with prospects.

Becoming a Thought Leader in Your Industry is Possible

Brands joining conversations isn’t just about being heard or noticed. It’s about delivering value to your audience. When you do this effectively, it can position you as a thought leader in your industry. This is one of the greatest impacts podcasts make for B2B brands.

Now, although being an expert can help differentiate your brand from competitors, it doesn’t require you to be a know-it-all. Instead, focus on being a good interviewer and listener–then all you need to know are the right questions to ask and the right people to interview.

“I love talking with experts that my audience is going to be really excited to hear from and being the conduit through which they get that information. So I get to be the one that has that conversation, and then I also get to turn it around and share it with our audience. And I know that they’re not going to just be hearing the conversation that we had, but that we’re also using Casted to amplify those conversations across other channels so that our audience can dig deeper.

“They can read follow-up information. They can dive deeper into inaudible information or supplemental content or resources that we provide to help them to go so much deeper and make that information so much more actionable. I get to have the conversation, which is such a joy, but I know that as I’m having that conversation, what we’re going to do with it, as part of our marketing strategy, it’s just the beginning for our audience, and that’s pretty cool,” Lindsay explained.

When you break down the walls of the box that some marketers put around podcasts, you’ll find it’s an excellent resource for your overall content strategy. It’s important for B2B marketers to remember to capture conversations, put them first, and then to amplify them. Make the conversations the rockstars of your content marketing strategy. Trust us… we have and we know it works.

Casted Turns Podcasts into Powerful Content

The reason Casted exists today is because we saw a need to help B2B marketers harness the power of conversation. There just simply weren’t any platforms available that made it easy for marketers to upload, track, measure, and then amplify the content from their audio and video content.

And now that it exists, it’s imperative that we as marketers take full advantage of all that it has to offer. That’s exactly what we’ve been doing with our own content. If it can work for our customers and us, then it can also work for you.

Want to see how it can impact your content strategy? Then schedule a demo with us today!
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