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How a Content Carousel Will Redefine Your Marketing Strategy

Expanding across all the B2B channels where your audience seeks out content might sound like a major undertaking, and if you’re working with a small marketing team, it might even feel impossible to even get it up off the ground. 

However, that’s where an amplified marketing strategy with a podcast sitting at the center can benefit both large and small teams making their way up through Stage 4 (Multichannel Expansion) of the B2B Podcast Maturity Curve. Relying on a podcast as the content source makes it less of a heavy lift because you just wring out that value into formats for other channels. Usually that means taking sections and bite-sized clips from podcast episodes to fuel the other channels. 

In this episode of How B2B Podcasts Grow Up, Casted CEO Lindsay Tjepkema and her guests from OpenView Venture Partners, Gong, Planful, and Oak Street Funding discuss best practices for fueling channels with content via an amplification strategy. Tune in to the full episode for more on building community, learning from your podcasting peers, and even expanding your show to deliver just what all the different parts of your audience wants.

And if you don’t know where your podcast fits on the maturity curve, take our quick assessment and enjoy the show:

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Digging into Key Takeaways

For each episode, we like to highlight some key takeaways. Think of it as a podcast outline or live show notes. Here are just a few of the takeaways that really stood out to us in this episode.

Your Content Strategy Is a Carousel. Provide Different Options and Onramps for Your Audience to Enjoy the Content That Resonates with Them. 🎠 

A central part of Stage 4: Multichannel Expansion centers on promoting your podcast through as many content channels as your audience prefers. The more entry points you provide, the more you can grow your audience, and in some cases, reach listeners and viewers you wouldn’t have through your podcast page alone. That means putting the source content into other formats, but you want to ensure you’ve got a strategy in place which will also help you create a repeatable amplification process. 

It might help to follow a creative model. Meg Johnson, Senior Manager of Creative Strategy at OpenView, calls her model a “content carousel,” where you reuse and repurpose your source content. Each horse in the carousel represents a channel, and at OpenView, Meg has a defined flow from one channel to the next, ultimately driving the audience back to the source content, the podcast Build with Blake Bartlett. She stresses that once you create this amplification strategy, you should continuously retool your process, experiment from time to time, and use iterations to improve the quality of your show.   

(For more on the power of the content carousel, check out Meg’s episode on The Casted Podcast and her episode on the Amplified Marketing Podcast.)

Growth Rarely Just Happens. Take a Calculated Approach, Don’t Reinvent the Wheel, and Learn from Others Who’ve Done It Before You. 📈 

Trying to figure out how to do something on your own in a silo is not only maddening, but it’s not productive. So as you’re growing your show (and your brand in the process), don’t neglect the greater B2B podcasting community out there. Seek out the people you admire, the hosts you find the most engaging from the shows that solve pain points similar to your audience, and learn all you can from those who have been down the road before you. 

As Meg shares in the episode, “consistency, authenticity, and acceptance is what builds a thriving community and a great brand.” Your audience will be most engaged with your brand when they feel authentically connected with you, the content marketers behind the brand. 

A Great Goal Is to Structure a Community Around Your Audience and Create More Fruitful Relationships with Your Guests and Listeners 🎧  

While we’re on the theme of building community while growing your audience, another powerful way to increase the quality of your podcast and better serve your audience through multiple channels is to consider ways to improve the relationship. For instance, you might discover your audience wants more than what your podcast covers. You might have different segments to serve, which opens up possibilities for different kinds of shows.

Jordan Feise, Senior Content Marketing Manager at Gong, has seen their Reveal Podcast grow exponentially. Now she’s looking at expanding Gong’s reach by exploring new shows and creating a bonafide podcast network that can speak to specific segments and drill down into the focused conversations these parts of the audience crave.  

(For more on how to grow a podcast audience, check out Jordan’s episode on The Casted Podcast.)

Want to See Where Your B2B Podcast Lies on the Maturity Curve?

If you’d like to see which stage your brand’s podcast is at, what you can do to reach the next stage, and how Casted can help you along the way, take our quick B2B Podcast Maturity Curve assessment

And for more, stay tuned to Casted’s new series How B2B Podcasts Grow Up for a stage-by-stage discussion of how a B2B brand takes a show from launch to mass marketing amplification, and all the expert strategies, tips, and insights you need to create and grow your own audio or video podcast to serve your brand and drive growth. 

Want to skim through the episode instead of listening? Read the transcript here

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About How B2B Podcasts Grow Up

As Season 3 of The Amplified Marketing Podcast, How B2B Podcasts Grow Up will cover the five stages of the B2B Podcast Maturity Curve, where we discuss the best strategies and models for creating a new show in a new channel, for growing and engaging your audience, for expanding across all the channels your audience prefers, and for integrating your podcast program into your overall content marketing strategy. And of course, we’ll discuss all the ways you can create meaningful content and then get the most traction from that material by wringing it out and amplifying it across all channels.