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How Can I Market My Podcast Better?

Do you want to reach a wider audience with your podcast? With an ever growing number of businesses putting out content, it can be hard to compete. Promoting your podcast is essential, and you can use SEO, podcast social media marketing, and new content generation to your advantage. With the right podcast marketing platform, you can find success in connecting with businesses who need your product or service. We’ll guide you through ways to develop a solid podcast marketing strategy, so you can extend your reach and connect with your customers.

How Do I Attract More Listeners to My Podcast?

By taking advantage of tools such as SEO and podcast marketing solutions, you can expand your reach and attract more B2B customers. If you’re struggling to reach audiences and frequently find your podcast low in the search results or difficult to find in a podcast app, it’s time to change up your approach to marketing your podcast. So what are the best ways to market your podcast better than before?

Boost SEO Practices

We know you’ve heard it before, but SEO is important for any B2B podcast marketing strategy. Using the right keywords, titles, descriptions, and content will help maximize your reach to find new audiences. Implementing good SEO puts you higher on Google’s search engine results page (SERP), so new listeners can find you at the top of a simple search rather than scrolling through pages of results. 

Target a Specific Audience

At this point you probably already have a podcast focused on appealing to other businesses, but who are you really trying to attract? Understanding the exact audience you’re looking for and how to cater to a niché market is essential to attracting more listeners. Rather than looking for a broad audience, it’s important to pinpoint exactly who your target audience is and why your product or service can help. 

Generate New Content

Successful podcasts put out episodes on a regular schedule so audiences know exactly when to expect a new episode to release. Plus, new content means more topics covered and more relevant content for a wider audience. Not only should you be making new content, but squeezing all of the content you can out of one episode is helpful — you can use talking points as tweets or you can post short clips to draw interest. You can also write blogs and provide transcripts to draw more attention to your podcast. This is called amplified marketing, and Casted can help you make the most out of your podcasts by identifying, creating, and amplifying your content.  

Podcast Marketing Solution

Unfortunately, you can’t simply post your podcast and hope that it reaches the right audience. This is especially true for B2B podcasters, as a significant part of the market is focused on consumers. However, there are solutions to help you better market your podcast. Using Casted, you can gain insights on your B2B podcast marketing campaign. You can post and distribute podcasts and videos, browse through previously published material, sort it into clips and key takeaways, access and modify transcripts, discover which brands and accounts are popular, and assess the effect of everything in detailed, insightful ways all within one easy-to-use platform.

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How Do You Promote Podcasts?

Promoting podcasts goes beyond sending out a single social media post when a new episode comes out. It takes audience engagement, which comes by investing in video or audio posts, blogs, and other active approaches to interacting with them. Are you more likely to listen to a podcast with high social media engagement, high ratings, and recommendations from listeners or other businesses? Or are you more likely to pick a new podcast you stumble upon in an app? Either way, it’s important to market yourself by promoting calls to action within your podcast and on your social media or website. With Casted, you can easily integrate your social media with other content and drive listeners from other marketing channels to your podcast.

Best ways to promote your podcast include:

    • Run paid ads
    • Post on social media
    • Introduce in organic content like blogs
    • Call to action

After promoting your content, a few steps you can take to maintain your podcast include:

    • Posting: Post on a regular schedule so your audience knows when to expect something new. 
    • Timing: Publish at strategic times to get the most audience engagement.
    • Networking: Prompt listeners and customers to subscribe, share, and leave reviews.

Doing all of these promotional and maintenance tips can help attract people to your podcast and boost effectiveness in algorithms. To put it simply, if you want to promote your podcast to reach the most businesses, you need to consider when you post and how listeners interact with your content. 

How Do I Make My Podcast Go Viral?

As a B2B podcaster you might think your podcast can’t go viral. Thankfully, there’s nothing stopping you from reaching a larger audience, but you can't predict what will make a podcast go viral and even then you might not reach the right customers. Here are a few steps you can take to help push your podcast to more listeners:

    • Focus on your niché
    • Release frequently
    • Have high production value
    • Create strong branding — logo, website, social media
    • Utilize SEO
    • Increase promotion
    • Invite guests to join conversations

But going viral isn’t always the answer. Remember, your focus should be on gaining listeners that meet your ideal customer profile and not only reaching thousands of plays. If you focus on the quality of your content, who it’s marketed towards, and develop a strong brand identity, you’ll find a boost in listeners and leads. 

What Is the Most Effective Way to Promote a Podcast?

The best way you can promote and market your podcast as a B2B podcaster is by using an amplified marketing platform like Casted. As the best podcast marketing platform, Casted can help you:

    • Publish your podcasts and videos
    • Increase content ROI
    • Know more about your audience
    • Search for existing content

Does your podcast strategy measure up? You can take our assessment today to see if your podcast meets the demands of B2B marketing. We work with companies large and small to help them reach their podcasting goals. Visit our website to learn more about how Casted can help you take your podcast to the next level.