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How Marketing Teams Can Use an Amplified Marketing Platform and Themes to Find Success

Everyone acknowledges that B2B marketing has continued to get more and more chaotic. And sure, there have been point solutions to help manage the chaos but none that actually solve it.

SNL_ChaosIf you’re a content marketer, no one is here to serve you. Instead, you’re handed one-off tools and point solutions that only make it easier to make more content for the sake of more. We automate our authenticity, serve algorithms before our audiences, and merely measure the crumbs of the chaos. Channel by channel. Problem by problem. Symptom by symptom.

There are no holistic solutions, right?

But amplified marketing — and an amazing new solution called Themes  — can change that. It can allow marketing teams to: 

    • Identify their content and uncover the millions of hours of audio, video and written content buried away in their digital archives. 
    • Create new content based on the voices of experts.
    • Amplify content in every channel. 

That sounds great, right? But what does this actually look like day to day? How can this new strategy (and this new platform) actually impact and change the way we’re working as marketers?

To show you how amplified marketing impacts the lives of marketers like you, I’d like to tell you a story. Imagine a marketing team at a B2B company. It’s probably easy to do, it probably looks a lot like yours.

Easier Content Planning

Let’s start with the content leader on the team. She’s starting her week with a team kickoff meeting to plan the content calendar for the coming quarter. Among their regular content cadence, they also have a big product release coming up, and they want to make a big splash.

The content leader starts the meeting with a brainstorm. They need to identify a theme for the quarter. They take time identifying keywords that will be important for the product release. Then they pull up Casted. 

With Casted Themes, they simply create a new theme for the quarter. They enter their keywords, and Casted finds every piece of video, audio, and written content they’ve already made featuring these keywords. Just like that, she and her team have a massive head start on their content calendar — without having to manually search through the entire content hub one item at a time. 

ezgif-2-df4d827c9eThey spend the next few minutes in Casted selecting the highest performing content items. It looks like they had a really successful podcast episode, featuring a customer that has already used their new product. They also have a video from the product marketing team prepared for the launch and several blog posts discussing the value of the new product for their audience. 

All they need are a couple more new blog posts and some videos they can highlight on social media.

More Streamlined Content Creation

After the team meeting, the content creator is ready to start his draft of one of the new blog posts highlighting the value of their new product features. 

He didn’t want me to tell you, but he is actually new to the company. In fact, he’s new to marketing. He got promoted to the content team just four months ago and isn’t very confident in the details of how their new product offering will really impact their customers. That’s a major hurdle to get past, especially if he’s to create content that demonstrates the brand’s thought leadership in the market. 

Hrm. What should he do? He starts by logging into Casted where he can go into Themes (using the themes created by the content leader) to see what content already exists and what gaps he has to fill. He performs some searches and quickly finds two podcast episodes with the company founders talking about the future of their product. He clicks the episode, listens to the content, and gets a much better understanding of how he wants to approach his post. 

02_Screen Recording 2021-02-15 at 03.04 PM

03_Screen Recording 2021-02-15 at 03.05 PM

He even selects a couple great clips from a founder and adds them as rich embeds that will serve as really cool pull quotes — but in audio form. He sends over the draft to a colleague on the social team who provides some feedback but, more importantly, decides the quote he clipped in Casted will be perfect for the social calendar. With one click, it’s ready for LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube as a videogram. 


Clear Results and Actionable Insights

Let’s jump forward to later in the quarter. The content leader’s team was able to amplify new and existing content through all their channels, like email marketing campaigns, social media, and real-time web personalization. It’s time for her and her boss, the VP of Marketing, to review performance and outcomes.

They start by opening Casted and reviewing the metrics for this quarter’s theme. With Casted, they can see how many impressions, interactions, and engagements they received for each content item. Everything looks great.


But the VP is particularly interested in how their campaign affected key accounts. With Casted Insights, she sees three high-value Marketing Qualified Leads engaged with this quarter’s theme. In fact, it looks like one account engaged pretty heavily with their podcast audio content. 

Our content leader has a new takeaway. Now that they’ve identified some key accounts, it’s time to build an ABM strategy to amplify audio content — and even related videos and written pieces — to these target accounts. Using Insights, she can see how target accounts interact with specific themes and how specific themes influence segments of their audience.

Meanwhile the VP will take the Casted Insights report, which includes audience demographics, engagement, and revenue attribution, to the next senior leadership meeting to report the impact and influence on their revenue goals.


Your team probably doesn’t work exactly like this, but it could. 

Instead of that tangled mess, that chaotic content strategy that you struggle with every week, every month, what if your strategy looked more like this? Simpler, more creative, more authentic. 

Casted allows you to identify all the existing content you already have and organize it into themes and collections. Amplified marketing makes it easier to repurpose what you’ve already made and helps you know what content to create going forward, no matter how new you are to the company, because the voices of your experts are directly on hand.

What if your marketing team could amplify everything you produce with videograms, transcripts, content pages, and rich embeds? What if you could see the influence of your content strategy? And prove it?

Casted makes all this possible. Amplified marketing is the methodology. Themes and Insights are the tools. And the Casted platform is the holistic solution to empower you to deploy that methodology.

Welcome to the first ever Amplified Marketing Platform. For a deeper look, check out a demo here.