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How to Craft Your Podcast Strategy with Trava’s Megan Noel

Everybody thinks that all the cybersecurity folks out there know everything about cybersecurity. Their content marketers just focus on the lofty topics — thought leadership is what will set one cybersecurity brand apart from another.

Guess what? That’s not always the case. Besides changes in technology and compliance regulations, there are always new generations of cybersecurity professionals just getting started in the field, and they need something more immediately helpful than a panel of experts discussing the future of cybersecurity. They need complex topics broken down in a way that’s educational, authentic, and as human as possible. It’s no fun being vulnerable about what you don’t know yet, and still, we all start out vulnerable in whatever career we choose. 

That’s what Megan Noel, Director of Marketing at Trava discovered as she and her team set out to launch their podcast The Tea on Cybersecurity. There were already many shows on the subject, and that level of noise can be intimidating as you try to figure out where your brand belongs in that mix. However, if you do some research into both your audience — what they want to know, what they value — and compare that to your competitors’ content, you can determine the best possible podcast for your brand’s marketing strategy, as Megan shares with us on this episode of The Casted Podcast.  

Digging into Key Takeaways

For each episode, we like to highlight some key takeaways. Think of it as a podcast outline or live show notes. Here are just a few of the takeaways that really stood out to us in this episode.

Three Questions That Will Help You Craft a Successful (Podcast) Content Strategy 3️⃣ 

What do you do when you have an extensive network of contacts with expertise in a particular area? If you’re Megan at Trava, you start a cybersecurity podcast and invite these people on your show as guests. That’s one major part of your content strategy. 

Then to ensure you understand what your show will be about, maybe you look around at the other shows in your space, see what they’re discussing, and you find a way to set your show apart by aiming at the topic gaps the others miss. For Megan, cutting through all the noise meant simplifying what the host and guests discuss, but she’s also always thinking about delivering broad and inclusive content her audience wants.

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Megan’s Unique Perspective on Podcast Content (Plot Twist: It’s NOT About Thought Leadership) 👩 

Many brands and their audiences see the value in thought leadership content, and podcasts often serve either a brand awareness or thought leadership strategy. However, when Megan surveyed the cybersecurity landscape, much of it was up high in the thought leadership arena. The gap in podcast coverage was further below that, right down at entry level where people new to compliance suddenly had to get their SaaS startups up and running fast. In cases like this, authentically connecting with people and spotlighting vulnerabilities in an informative way becomes more important than drawing brands in as potential customers. 

What You Need to Know if You’re Thinking About Starting a Podcast 🎙️  

Megan and her team are such an inspirational example of how you absolutely can build a content marketing strategy at the same time you’re launching your first podcast. Sure, there are big-picture concerns to plot out and various resources to account for, but it’s nowhere near as intimidating as it might seem at first to those who’ve never done it. Marketing always begins and ends with an audience, what they need to know and the channels they value most. Listen to the insights Megan shares in the episode about how anyone in any industry can start solidifying their brand’s connection with their audience by recording conversations. 

Interested in More from Trava?

For more on how Trava is making cybersecurity more comprehensible across a wide spectrum, visit Trava Security. And to hear how Megan and her team have created a remarkable source of conversational how-to content, check out The Tea on Cybersecurity podcast. 

Want to skim through Megan’s episode instead of listening? Read the transcript here.

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