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How to Create Consumable Content with a B2B Podcast

What’s the number one issue with creating content for your brand? If you’re like most B2B companies, it’s making sure your content gets in front of your target audience.

So you spend countless hours researching SEO methods, social media tactics, and distribution hacks to make your strategy work. And sometimes this works wonders.

But if there’s anything we can agree on, it’s that the typical content channels are becoming overwhelmingly crowded. Just think—how many emails fill your inbox each day? And how many different ads are promoted to you via your Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

People today are submerged in content, and it’s a bit tiring, to say the least. So what can you do to make content marketing work for your B2B brand?

One suggestion—creating consumable content. This is something brands that we’ve worked with have caught on to, and are doing with their B2B podcasts.

So let’s review why consumable content is a must in today’s content marketing landscape.

What is Consumable Content?

Consumable content refers to content that’s delivered in a way that makes it easy for your audience to consume. For example, creating long-form content excels in helping your SEO rank because it offers a lot of information, which is helpful to the end-user.

But taking the time to read through a 3,000+ word article multiple times per day will give anyone eye fatigue. So the idea is to chop this up into bite-sized pieces. You can do this by creating a blog series with mini-posts covering each of the topics in the long-form post.

But it doesn’t have to stop there; you can also do this on other channels, such as LinkedIn and a brand podcast.

What makes B2B podcasts an exceptional content marketing tool? They’re ultra-consumable. The listener can take in bite-sized audio clips, can pause and listen and reflect, rewind – they can consume it however they want.

Why B2B Podcasting is Key to Creating Consumable Content

Today’s internet users are busy, and they’re bombarded with content throughout the day. In 2015, one person decided to start an experiment and count how many branded messages he saw throughout the day. Well, that project was quickly abandoned because he counted over 400 before breakfast was even over! And that was in 2015… can you imagine how many he would count now, in 2021?

So trying to rise above the noise is cumbersome for marketers. It makes tactics like email marketing, social media marketing, paid ads, and blog content harder and harder to stick out in the crowd.

So the idea is to find channels that are less saturated and widely used by your target audience. And it just so happens that B2B podcasts are on the rise.

What makes podcasts popular is that they offer flexible consumption. You can listen to them while you cook, eat, drive, clean, workout, jog, or whatever else you’re doing.

There’s no other form of content that allows this range of multi-tasking. And B2B listeners love this because they can consume your content while reading through emails, writing a report, or handling other business or personal-related tasks.

I think it’s safe to say we can coin B2B podcasts as “multi-task consumable content.”

And it also delivers high-value content that’s worthy of consumption. For instance, hosting interviews with industry experts and having authentic conversations around topics your audience cares about. What’s also notable is that even if your guest is someone that’s been on other podcasts, it doesn’t matter. The conversation will be unique to your podcast because you (as a host) are a unique personality with your own questions, opinions and views, and overall direction.

How to Make Your B2B Podcasts Snackable

When you think of a snack, what likely comes to mind is something small and delicious. It’s not a full-sized meal, so you’re not left over-full. Snacks are just enough to stir your hunger for now.

It’s the same when you make snackable (or bite-sized) B2B podcast episodes for your audience. They’re short and sweet but filled with great information, stories, and insights.

And if you play your cards right, it’ll leave them thirsting for more. In some cases, you’ll have people who choose to binge-listen to your podcast episodes, which is great. It’s all about giving folks the option to consume little chunks in the time frames and settings they choose.

It also means they’re more likely to get through the entire episode in one sitting.

So let’s say you have an e-book or long-form blog post that’s rich with information. You can turn this into a season with mini-episodes breaking up the content into subtopics.

Then you can spice things up by bringing in guests to get their input on the matter.

Your e-book or blog posts can then be used to promote your podcast episodes, driving traffic to your channel. Of course, you’ll also want to turn your episodes into clips, audiograms, and videos to share on social and within your blog to further amplify your content marketing.

It’s incredible what a B2B podcast can do for your brand when you have a strategy (and the right tools) behind it all.

Bottom Line

Creating consumable content for your audience is vital in a time where people are constantly bombarded with brand messaging. It helps you stand out and attract an audience that’ll appreciate you considering their time.

With a B2B podcast, you can achieve this. But you’re going to need the right platform to make it work seamlessly.

At Casted, B2B podcasters have a platform to upload, share, and amplify their episodes. You can also use our transcription services to boost your SEO efforts. It’s already helped numerous B2B brands deliver consumable content to their customers.

Ready to see how it can help improve your B2B podcast? Then schedule your demo today!