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How to Escape the Content Void

You are about to enter another dimension. A dimension not only of pain and frustration but of futility and churn-and-burn. A journey into the not-so-wondrous land of traditional content marketing. Next stop — The Content Void

There is a void of sameness in content marketing, a creeping, all-encompassing one-size-fits-all blandness. 

A high level of low quality, composed of words manufactured for SEO bots rather than the discerning human audience that wants an authentic connection and relevant, valuable content. 

Today’s content marketers are drowning in an endless production line of making more and more content for the sake of more content, leaving little time and energy left over for creativity, strategy, or understanding how the content performs. It’s like we’ve all gotten lost in a Content Void. 

And who wants to live — or work — like that? Something has to change.

We Are Living in a Content Void

Witness if you will, a content marketer scrolls through her feeds and finds a homogenized mass of cloned content staring back at her…

“When everything looks and feels the same, when I’m scrolling through all my different feeds and every company is copying each other, just copy-and-pasting what one team is doing to the next and not really thinking about the end user and what their end experience means for their specific audience, it’s a snooze fest, and it makes me feel like I’m just lost in this content marketing void of boring bullshit that no one really cares about, and it just gets really stale.” Meg Johnson, Multimedia Marketer, OpenView

A diligent planner loses his ability to pivot his marketing when he becomes enslaved by the content calendar he created... 

We're producing this content, and this is the schedule, and all this is working well, and then something will happen, where something will get delayed, something gets messed up with the content calendar, and instead of saying like, “Oh we're just going to move on,” everybody's workload increases. “How do we make up for this? How do we fix this problem?” So your ability to respond to new trends or new changes, something that comes up or an opportunity gets less and less because you're always trying to keep up with this ambitious calendar that you put together.” — Sam Balter, Director of Editorial Content, ZoomInfo

An imaginative content marketer braves the empty page only to hear the Void laugh…

“There’s obviously so much content marketing out there in the world, so figuring out, like what hasn’t been done and what’s going to cut through the noise. Like I’m working on strategy for one show right now and literally had a lined piece of paper out that was just blank for a good while of me sitting there, like tapping my pen, being like “All right! What are we going to do this time?” Elizabeth Hilfrank, Content Marketing Manager, Drift

Unbearable pain bleeds into and out of a content marketing team as speed and quantity trump quality…

“There’s a lot of things during the course of the day that can hurt, but I think the biggest one is we all have to make compromises with what we’re doing, and we’re moving fast, and sometimes those compromises lead to work that’s not at the quality that we know we want it to be, and that can be the thing that hurts the most.” — Michael Rivo, Director, Salesforce Studio Team

The Void roars with delight as a short-sighted VP of Marketing orders his content marketer to paint a picture with the brand as the hero... 

“If you're truly going to put your audience first and prioritize your reader, which is 100% what you should do, then when you create narratives and stories, you want to put your audience as the hero, as the protagonist and let them come out victorious. A lot of times you see content is labeled as content marketing, but when you peel back the layer, it's actually product marketing, right? And immediately you lose credibility because that doesn't actually help the audience as much as it helps you as the marketer/business owner/product owner, etc.” — Devin Reed, Head of Content Strategy, Gong

A content marketer launches a campaign, and the Void responds with absolute silence... 

“I just think it’s so hard as a content marketer when you pour your heart and soul into a piece and you, like, are really creative, and you’re really strategic, and you have this whole strategy around it, and then the launch… whether it’s the algorithm or, like, just the day… something weird happened on Twitter, and the news, like, takes over the news cycle, and everything else, like, gets forgotten. It’s just hard. It’s like impossible to figure that out, and I hate when that happens, and that’s very frustrating. It’s like Marvel’s Avengers Endgame, when, you know, they disappear into the dust. It’s like that’s what happens when our content launches fall flat. You just watch it… You watch Peter Parker disappear. It’s so sad.” Jillian MacNulty, Content Marketing Manager, Terminus

It Doesn't Have to Be Like This

There is a better way beyond that which is known to today’s content marketer. Amplified marketing is an approach to engaging your audience that’s as powerful as trust and as human as authenticity. Amplified marketing is the difference between high quality and blah, between content that resonates with an audience and marketing that falls flat, between making a memorable impression and being instantly Xed out of, and it is the only true path that leads from the pit of the content marketer’s fear of failure to the summit of their creative potential. This is the dimension of amplified marketing, and it is the only way to Escape the Content Void. 

That’s why we’re throwing a virtual party, and we want you to be there. 

Join Us at AMPLIFY

Escape the Content Void with Casted at 2 p.m. EDT, November 3, 2021, and find out how content marketers can get back to being creative, more productive and efficient day-to-day, with better results and more time to not only define and plot out strategy, but to amplify a consistent stream of valuable, engaging content — from blogs and social media to video and podcasting — to the audience you want to reach.

And look forward to a whole new show from Casted. Hosted by CEO Lindsay Tjepkema, the Amplified Marketing Podcast will carry on the discussion introduced at Amplify about this new way of content marketing. 

If you’re living in a Content Void, don’t you think it’s time to escape?