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How to Get Your Employees to Be Your Biggest Cheerleaders for Your Podcast

Have you heard the saying that employees are the real superpower behind every brand?

It’s true. Your employees are the ones obsessing over customer pain points, needs, and wants. They create and build solutions. And they are the reason your customers love you.

Every business owner should know this, especially since your company would be nothing without these amazing humans who are driving your business forward. They’re the backbone of your operations, and their words (and actions) can actually impact the bottom line of your business.

This is especially true if you encourage your employees to engage in brand advocacy on their social platforms.

Roughly 75% of B2B buyers and 84% of C-level execs use social media to make buying decisions. So you can’t afford not to use peer-to-peer marketing to help grow your B2B podcast.

Why Employees Should Be Cheerleaders for Your B2B Podcast

Marketing to savvy B2B customers isn’t as simple as it once was. For one, it’s much harder to get their attention, thanks to the swamp of content today’s users have to wade through.

But if there’s anything you’ll learn in digital marketing, it’s that peer-to-peer marketing works.


Because it rises above all the branded noise and people trust other people. Today’s consumers are looking for authenticity, and it just so happens that employees make brand messages more believable.

Studies show brand messages reached 561% further when employees shared them (instead of the brand itself). And the content employees share see 8x the engagement.

Then to sweeten the deal, employee advocacy programs cost a tenth of paid advertising.

The brands that implement brand advocacy programs see great results. Nearly 80% say they improved online visibility, and 65% reported a boost in brand recognition.

So imagine what having employee cheerleaders could do for your B2B podcast. The question now is, how do you get them on board?

6 Ways to Get Employees Onboard with Advocating Your Podcast

Having your employee’s advocate for your brand can help grow your podcast. But getting them to become advocates requires a strategic approach.
Here are six things you can do to create a group of cheerleaders to promote your B2B podcast:

1. Be a role model for your employees. When you and your brand stand behind your mission and values, it inspires employees to do the same.

2. Motivate your teams to share company content. Let them know doing so can help build their personal brands, professional networks, and establish them as a thought leader. You can also offer a rewards program for managers to use to entice employees.

3. Train your employees to be great cheerleaders. You don’t want to let your advocates loose without establishing ground rules and tips to help them excel (without hurting your brand’s image).

4. Encourage your employees (vs. force). You want your employees to choose to become advocates so their posts feel authentic.

5. Have your employees connect on social media. Building chemistry outside of work will create stronger relationships. Plus, it’ll get them to engage with each other’s posts.

6. Ask your employees for feedback. You want your employees to feel a sense of ownership over your content, so be sure to encourage feedback. This way, they can tell you what they think works and what types of content you should create.

Enable Your Employees to Amplify Your Content)

So how can you enable your employees to turn into brand cheerleaders and amplify your podcast content to their networks?

Educate them on the role your podcast plays in the business. By sharing the goals behind the podcast and how it will impact different areas of the business you can show them how the podcast can benefit them in their roles. That’s a great step in building some clout and enthusiasm around your podcast with your internal team.

Chances are, your show is a reflection of the work you’re doing as an organization and something that a lot of people you work with are passionate about. If that’s the case, and your employees are passionate about what you’re doing as a company, those employees are way more likely to listen to the show and share knowledge from it.

Make sharing the podcast (or other content) easy for your employees. Whether that means providing them with the links to the podcast or writing out sample social posts, give them the tools they need to easily share content. We’re all more likely to share things when the information has been made readily available to us.

And with a platform like ours, any employee can go in and access the audio to share. They can create easily shareable audio clips that can be emailed or shared on social media. They can create videograms so that their network can see the faces behind the brand. They can become a bullhorn to amplify the content that their colleagues are creating on the podcast.

Our B2B podcast platform is simple to use and designed for collaboration. It allows anyone from salespeople to Human Resources to the COO to go in and utilize the audio from the podcast.

Together, you and your employees can learn the best content and methods to achieve your goals.

Ready to see how it all works? Then we invite you to request a demo of Casted today!