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How to Use Content Partnerships to Your Advantage with Devin Bramhall

No one understands compelling content like Devin Bramhall, the former CEO of Animalz, a content marketing agency that’s worked with B2B SaaS companies like Amazon, Google, and Zendesk. When you partner with such great content creators, you’re constantly exposed to new ideas, formats, and innovative ways to execute, and you build up a good network of content marketing experts.

That network comes in handy when you suddenly have to do a whole lot more with a smaller team and less budget. 

In this special (Re)Sessions episode, Devin shares tips on what content marketers can do during a recession to be efficient and get the most mileage out of both existing and net-new content and yet still be creative and strategic with everything you produce.

Digging into Key Takeaways

For each episode, we like to highlight some key takeaways. Think of it as a podcast outline or live show notes. Here are just a few of the takeaways that really stood out to us in this episode.

How to Experiment and Get Creative During a Recession 👩‍🔬  

"If I were a company right now, I would be adding at least one small experiment every quarter," Devin advises. When she was CEO of Animalz, she experimented and doubled down on their value prop — and won more market share during this recession!

"Take a deep breath,” she says in the episode. “Think about things opportunistically. I think you can find more creative solutions." Maybe you can add some "time to think" into your weekly schedule. Just slow down and experiment.

How to Create and Use Content Partnerships to Your Advantage 💪  

"This is the perfect time to partner with other companies,” Devin says. “Tap into other audiences by making friends and helping each other out."

If you have an overlapping audience with an organization, work with them to leverage that common goal and take advantage of the partnership. You could tell two sides of the same story. Or maybe help your same audience solve a different problem. You could even create a complimentary product or service and then make a creative offer.

Why Moving Slow and Smooth Is Smart 🐢  

A recession can make a brand feel like it has to hurry up and just do more of everything before things get worse, but as Devin shares, a recession is not the time to rush: "You've gotta take a minute to think critically, strategically, creatively. And that's when you can actually produce great art."

Slow is smooth and smooth is fast. First you start building up your discipline. Your content muscle. And your strategy. It won't happen overnight, and neither will results.

With each new piece of content, ask yourself:

    • Who is this for?
    • What do we do with it?
    • How do we cut through the noise?

Interested in More from Animalz?

For more on how Animalz can help you plan and execute your content marketing goals, visit www.animalz.co and follow @Animalz. For more from Devin, follow @Devin Bramhall or visit her work on Medium

Want to skim through Devin’s episode instead of listening? Read the transcript here. 

About the (Re)Sessions Series in Season 2 of AMP: The Amplified Marketing Podcast 

Welcome to Season 2 of The Amplified Marketing Podcast, where we discuss the best strategies for creating meaningful content and then getting the most traction from that content by wringing it out and amplifying it across all channels. This season we’re doing something a little different and releasing a limited series: The (Re)Sessions where we answer the questions on every marketer’s mind when dealing with the most certain thing — uncertainty. Join us as we explore all the ways amplified marketing makes life easier and more efficient for content marketers to do a lot more with a lot less.