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Want a Killer Marketing Strategy? Try Podcasting.

Marketing strategy.

It’s the elusive, yet absolutely vital component of every marketing department. Every team is different, trying their hand at the perfect mix of tactics to see what sticks.

But if we really dug in to explore what strategically and consistently captivates audiences, we’d see that authentic relationships and conversations are what engage modern consumers. In truth, some of the traditional marketing deliverables we’ve grown accustomed to (like mailer campaigns or even whitepapers) have lost their luster and effectiveness at bringing in new engagement. 

Instead of experimenting with different combinations of the same tactics, might I suggest putting something new at the center of your strategy? Your podcast. B2B Podcasts are no longer the wild card in your marketing mix. They’re a proven, valuable, highly engaging channel that continues to grow and captivate audiences. With authentic conversations at the heart of every podcast, it only makes sense to put podcasts at the center of your marketing strategy. 

How Podcasts Are Your Marketing Cornerstone 

Podcasts have the potential to be the most engaging part of your marketing strategy because they capitalize on what your customers desire most: connections, expertise, and thought-provoking conversations. The inherent elements of podcasting (like authenticity and human interaction) present a win-win for both customer and brand to get the content they seek and the loyal relationships they desire, respectively. Here’s why a podcast-centric marketing strategy makes sense: 

Podcasts put your audience first. 

As humans, we crave connection—now more than ever. Podcasts uniquely cultivate this interaction and connection like no other channel through authentic, intimate-feeling conversations. 

But as you probably know, podcasting is much more than just a microphone between two people. 

Like the whole of marketing, it requires nuanced strategy, tailored content, and formatting catered to your audience’s preferences. As podcasters, we can easily provide this kind of custom content by tailoring our shows, not to what other podcasters are doing, but what our fans keep coming back for. 

You can put your audience first by examining (and possibly tweaking):

  • Podcast episode length.Do your listeners prefer a long-form show? Or bite-sized “quick hits?” Instead of mimicking what other showrunners do, make sure you tailor your content to what’s best for your specific audience.

  • Audience size.If you’re trying to appeal to a broad range of people, stop. What sets your podcast apart from every other show is its unique spin and theme. Embrace the size of your most engaged set of listeners and play specifically to their content desires and needs.

  • Number of shows. Is it time to build out a B2B podcast network for your brand? Running multiple shows may seem daunting, but can help you engage new and different audiences with niche themes. Unlike other channels and campaign tactics, podcasting provides the freedom to quickly pivot, spin up new content, and provide a long-term source of marketing fuel.

Podcasts draw on expertise. 

Why do we invite guest speakers to our company webinars? Why do we partner with other organizations on whitepapers? The outside perspectives and expertise they provide are invaluable. They’re new. They’re diverse. They’re leaders in their spaces.

Most successful B2B podcasts leverage others’ expertise every single episode by inviting company leadership, employees, partners, prospects, and outside experts on to the show to share their stories. (In fact, it’s the main source of content for many of the leading podcast experts we’ve interviewed.) 

As marketers, we know we can shout our messages from the rooftops every day, but they may still fall flat. When we introduce an outside voice into the mix (whether customers, partners, or other experts), it lends instant credibility to the show and broadens the listener base. 

Podcasts build a community of loyal fans. 

The most popular podcasts in history—from Serial to This American Life to The Joe Rogan Experience—cover starkly different topics, but have one thing in common: a loyal, nearly-obsessive fan base. Listeners can’t wait for the next episode to come out or to tell their friends about it. And isn’t this the goal of marketing? To build a base of engaged customers who are on pins and needles to hear what you have to say next? To create raving fans who talk about you non-stop? 

Podcasting is a unique channel because it’s part education and part entertainment, presenting marketers with an incredible opportunity to capture the attention of new audiences in a completely different way.  

“Not a lot of ads build community in the same way that podcasting can,” says Dan Misener, Head of Strategy and Audience Development at Pacific Content. “Not a lot of pieces of marketing collateral build rabid fan bases in the same way that a podcast can.” 

Dan’s right. When you put podcasting at the center of your marketing strategy, you (again) place the focus on customers, concentrating all your efforts on building a community of followers by giving them content they crave. 

Marketing Strategy for a Changing World

Marketing and advertising have changed significantly in the past several decades (heck, even in recent months!), and so have consumers. We want to be spoken with, not at; and we want genuine content, not fluff. 

When you include podcasting as a key part of your marketing strategy, you invite the audience in on the conversation, creating more intimate relationships and long-term customers. Consumers’ increasing mobility, demand for exceptional brand experiences, and even changes in social contact (thanks, pandemic) are greatly shifting the future of marketing. 

Is your strategy set up with the right elements to captivate audiences going forward?
We work with some of the brightest minds in podcasting, both on our Casted team and through our amazing customers and partners. We work daily to make your podcasts more effective and highly valuable through the industry’s first B2B podcasting platform. When you’re ready to shift your marketing strategy toward podcasting, we’re here to set you up for success. Send us a note — our experts are here and eager to chat with you!

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