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Podcasts are the Epitome of Thought Leadership

Incorporating a podcast into your content marketing strategy will make you stand out as a thought leader.

Did this collection of buzzwords grab your attention? Maybe? Does it matter? You made it here, right?

If I’m lucky, a clickbait title coupled with a provocative opening statement will be enough to hopefully persuade you to read this entire article. Even as highly as I might think of myself, when considering the ask, it’s easy to realize I’m expecting quite a lot from you. Not to say that we don’t all possess the gift of hyperfocus, but who has the free time to check out my “new stuff happening over on the blog?” 

I will acknowledge the irony in using a blog to discuss what differentiates podcasts from its written counterpart; however, I believe they are fundamentally different in a couple ways that make podcasts stand out as the marketing tool of the future. 

The fact of the matter is podcasts are intimate.

How a B2B Podcast can Influence Thought Leadership

As a B2B podcaster, you have the unique opportunity to build relationships with both your guests and listeners.

By inviting industry leaders to participate in a dialogue, you, as a host, are allowed the potential to gain a peer or mentor, as well as the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations and maybe even learn something! This simple sharing of the spotlight demonstrates respect, and who doesn’t love a relationship built on such a quality?

Simultaneously, your listeners get to be a part of this warm, fuzzy bubble simply by spending so much time with you. Podcast pro Jay Acunzo discusses the value of this type of relationship in his article “Where Do Podcasts and Video Shows Fit in the Marketing Funnel? Not Where You Think” explaining that “The only way to make others feel like they know us, and therefore trust and love us enough to take valuable actions, is for them to invest significant time with us.” This time breeds an understanding of both your personality and your mission as a business. Your listeners know your voice. They identify with your purpose. They feel like a friend. And thus, naturally, enters trust.

Jay elaborates, “When your audience feels like they actually know you, we turn low-probability events into higher-probability outcomes.” When you gain your audience’s trust, you foster relationships with people you’ve likely never met who become your biggest advocates. 

So how do we get listeners to spend so much time with you? Luckily, there is a momentum to this time investment that’s easier than crafting a baited opening statement. 

Loyal listenership grows organically because podcasts are multitask-able.

I could make a list of all the things you can do while listening to a podcast, but a) that would be a waste of time because b) you are not an idiot.

We can prove that listeners spend more time with podcasts than any other media, and the very nature of how they are consumed is a huge influence on those metrics. Basically what I’m saying is there’s no real excuse not to listen to podcasts. Moreover, there’s no excuse not to create one.