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Squeeze All the Goodness from Your Brand Podcast Content

When’s the last time you fixed or reused something instead of buying new? These days it’s ridiculously easy to order what we want online and not have to mess with sprucing something we already have up. But this mindset also leads to wastefulness and lost value. Often with just a little bit of time and attention, you can take something old or defunct and make it quite useful again. Just take a look at resale shops or shows like American Pickers — these are great examples of people squeezing every last drop out of something good.

Perhaps it’s this consumerism that leads so many showrunners to practice “one and done” podcasting. We plan, labor, produce, and launch, only to move on to the next thing without a second glance. 

I’d be willing to bet that if you went back to existing episodes you’ve produced, you’d find some gems just waiting to be repurposed. (You already have one in mind, don’t you?) They are just begging to be unearthed and shared with eager audiences.  

It’s time to create a catalog of content you can return to again and again to glean more value out of the episodes you work so hard to create. For some inspiration and practical nuggets, let’s check out a couple B2B podcast brands who are already leading the way with repurposing content. 

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OpenView: From Written Word to Audio 

The OpenView blog is home to more than 10,000 subscribers. So when they launched a podcast, they didn’t set out to replace their already successful medium, but to support it in a new way. In fact, their content strategy is specifically designed to work harmoniously, letting each channel play to its strengths.

“We use the podcast as a way to supplement that goal...just in a different channel,” says Bayley Dietz, Senior Marketing Manager at OpenView. “On top of every episode that goes out, we also turn those interviews into content pieces. The blog is still very core to what we do, and the podcast is a great way to supplement that.” 

See it in action: 

How to Start Product Led Growth with Wes Bush and Blake Bartlett

Privy: A Myriad of Media

Dave Gerhardt, CMO of Privy, is no stranger to podcasts. As a pioneer of tech podcasts, he’s propelled some amazing brands into this space during his career. His approach to podcasting? See podcasts as fuel for the total marketing machine. 

“If you start with a podcast, then you have audio. Ideally, you’d film it, so you have video too,” says Dave. “If you have those two things, you can easily get so much content out of that one episode.”

Dave has witnessed firsthand the number of marketers who stop at simply blogging and tweeting out a link. This leaves so much value on the table! At Privy, they transform all podcast content into many different deliverables to feed the entire marketing machine, including: 

    • Blog posts
    • Email content
    • Video clips
    • Audiograms
    • Decks
    • Graphics
    • SEO traffic (bonus!)

For example, Privy recently produced a podcast episode featuring Nik Sharma, CEO of Sharma Brands. Then the brand did a spinoff of the episode in blog form, highlighting “Ecommerce Brands To Copy For SMS, Email, Social And Site Design.” 

Was the blog about Nik Sharma specifically? Not really. Instead, it captured Nik’s expertise from the episode — direct recommendations for brands to look at for marketing inspiration and email examples (which Privy listeners just so happen to be hungry for). And because the blog contained key SEO terms for the brand, it also provided Privy with relevant traffic. (Cha-ching!) 

“[Podcasting] was honestly the first that we did because I think it’s the most scalable. It’s the marketing channel that gives you the most leverage I think,” says Dave.  

See it in action: 

Nik Sharma + Ecommerce Brands to Copy

Before You Move On, Don’t

The savviest marketers are making regular use of the podcasts they produce to drive longevity across the marketing funnel. So the next time you’re tempted to get started on a new episode in your line-up, press pause. 

Ask yourself:

    • Have you done all you can to drive traffic and engagement using an episode’s content? Or are you letting a good thing go to waste? 
    • Is there a new and useful way to repurpose an episode? What’s a spin you could put on it to get more mileage?
    • Can you translate your episode into another medium easily to wring more goodness out of it? 
    • Can you take part of an episode and go just a bit deeper for an entirely new piece of content?
    • What are some smaller nuggets you could pull out for bite-sized content your audience would love?
    • Is your episode just begging to be turned into a blog series, social campaign, or something else new? 


Tempted to “turn and burn” through your podcasts? Don’t be. At Casted, it’s our passion to help brands dig deep and rediscover the long-term value of the content they produce. With podcast embedding, transcription, audio clips, audiograms, social sharing, and so much more, we make it easy to fuel your entire marketing strategy from a single podcast. Let us prove it to you with a quick demo

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