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Squeezing the Juice Out of Your Podcast

Stage 5 of the B2B Podcast Maturity Curve is Marketing Amplification. This is what you and your team have been working toward since you launched your show. You’ve grown your audience and your podcast — and your brand in the process — through promotion, multichannel expansion, and content amplification. Now your podcast sits at the center of your marketing strategy and drives ROI and related business goals.

But as you’ll learn in this episode of How B2B Podcasts Grow Up, no matter what stage you’re at, you can never lose sight of your actual content, how it tells your brand’s story, and how it resonates with your audience. We’re going to hear how the top Stage 5 B2B brands Zylo and Marigold (formerly CM Group) grew their podcasts into growth engines that fuel both revenue and their overall brand marketing strategy, and yet they never stopped thinking about how to improve their content to reach their audience in even more measurable ways. 

And if you don’t know where your podcast fits on the maturity curve, take our quick assessment and enjoy the show:

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Digging into Key Takeaways

For each episode, we like to highlight some key takeaways. Think of it as a podcast outline or live show notes. Here are just a few of the takeaways that really stood out to us in this episode.

It’s Less About How Many Resources You Have and More About How Your Current Resources Are Being Used — Squeeze the Juice! 🍋

Small marketing teams are more common than one might think, and yet those small teams are still responsible for producing the work of a much larger team. What is a brand to do? 

For Zylo’s Chief Marketing Officer Meredith Albertson, the solution was to squeeze every drop of value out of their SaaSMe Unfiltered podcast content and drive their overall marketing strategy with it. And Meredith’s small but mighty team accomplished this through repurposing, reusing, and amplifying their content. 

(For more on how Zylo squeezes the juice out of everything they create, tune in to Meredith’s episode on The Casted Podcast.)

This Is the Stage to Get Your C-Suite to Buy In! It’s Incredible the Amount of Efficiency and Passion You’ll See When Your Team Is on the Same Page. 💵 

Sometimes, the biggest obstacle to placing a B2B podcast at the center of a brand’s marketing strategy is getting buy-in from leadership. Podcasting is still relatively new as a marketing channel, and not everyone is as familiar with the value of a branded show.

However, more and more leaders today readily see the potential brand growth a podcast can deliver. And when they buy in early on, shows launch and grow faster, and even small teams can ensure high quality while always aligning with the company’s business goals. Meredith shares one of her big moments when she initially pitched the idea of a podcast to Zylo’s CEO.  

The Absolutely Foundational Truth: Real, Driving, Measurable Results Come from Content That’s Resonating with Your Audience. 💡  

A video content strategy is one of the most scalable ways to quickly reach your audience and drive business results. And driving measurable revenue is the ultimate goal of a B2B podcast and the ultimate outcome of the B2B Podcast Maturity Curve’s Stage 5: Marketing Amplification.  

That’s exactly how Tim Glomb, VP of Global Content at Marigold, has leveraged content from multiple podcasts, like Thinking Caps, to reach the right audience and create business relationships. But for Tim, the channels and formats he uses to connect with his audience are just one part of success. It’s more about high-quality, resonant content and hence the importance Marigold places on a content-first strategy.    

(For more on how Marigold uses video to scale business relationships, check out Tim’s episode on The Casted Podcast.)

Want to See Where Your B2B Podcast Lies on the Maturity Curve?

If you’d like to see which stage your brand’s podcast is at, what you can do to reach the next stage, and how Casted can help you along the way, take our quick B2B Podcast Maturity Curve assessment

And for more, stay tuned to Casted’s new series How B2B Podcasts Grow Up for a stage-by-stage discussion of how a B2B brand takes a show from launch to mass marketing amplification, and all the expert strategies, tips, and insights you need to create and grow your own audio or video podcast to serve your brand and drive growth. 

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About How B2B Podcasts Grow Up

As Season 3 of The Amplified Marketing Podcast, How B2B Podcasts Grow Up will cover the five stages of the B2B Podcast Maturity Curve, where we discuss the best strategies and models for creating a new show in a new channel, for growing and engaging your audience, for expanding across all the channels your audience prefers, and for integrating your podcast program into your overall content marketing strategy. And of course, we’ll discuss all the ways you can create meaningful content and then get the most traction from that material by wringing it out and amplifying it across all channels.