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Start on the Inside to Impact the Outside

One thing that helps grow and mature a show into a powerful marketing channel that fuels content and delivers results is when you have buy-in from your brand’s decision makers… but for you to graduate from Stage 5: Marketing Amplification of the B2B Podcast Maturity Curve, you also need buy-in from the rest of your organization.

As one of the newer content channels, podcasts aren’t entirely understood at first glance, but as we’ll hear in this episode of How B2B Podcasts Grow Up, there are many things your marketing team can do to evangelize your show to the other teams in-house. In turn, those teams leverage your podcast to grow your brand’s reputation, thought leadership, and overall authority in your particular industry. We’ll also hear how the podcast experts at Zylo drive both multichannel content and revenue growth with a podcast-first marketing strategy.

And if you don’t know where your podcast fits on the maturity curve, take our quick assessment and enjoy the show:

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Digging into Key Takeaways

For each episode, we like to highlight some key takeaways. Think of it as a podcast outline or live show notes. Here are just a few of the takeaways that really stood out to us in this episode.

How to Kickstart the Amplification Flywheel? Your Internal Teams. They Are Going to Be Your Biggest Evangelists If You Explain the Value of Your Podcast to Them 👑

Sales teams are hungry for persuasive testimonials as part of their outreach, but like every department in a company, they’re busy people with their own set of priorities. The best source for testimonial content? Any time your marketing or customer experience team captures a customer talking about how your product or services helped them do something better with measurable results.  

Zylo’s Chief Marketing Officer Meredith Albertson discovered how well this approach could work by taking success story clips straight out of Zylo’s SaaSMe Unfiltered podcast and passing them along to the sales team. And it only requires a small shift in the marketing team doing a little extra legwork to make these clips available as soon as possible.  

(For more on how Zylo gets the most flywheel mileage out of their podcast and all the other content they create, tune in to Zylo’s episode on The Casted Podcast.)

Create More with What You Have — Take Your Podcast and Create Blogs, Email Newsletters, Attend a Conference… Expand Your Reach! 🎙 

An amplification flywheel runs on content, or “juice” as they say at Zylo, and as Content Marketing Manager Nicole Wood shares in this episode, the SaaSMe Unfiltered podcast provides a deep well (from success story quotes to blog-friendly transcripts) that she can go back to over and over to create all the multichannel content Zylo needs to effectively amplify their marketing. 

Don’t Lose Focus on the Most Important People of All: Your Customers. Value Their Feedback, Feature Their Stories, Showcase Their Excellence ❣️  

The ultimate goal of a B2B podcast is to drive brand growth, but a salesy, self-congratulatory approach rarely works. Nicole and Meredith had this foremost in mind when they created SaaSMe Unfiltered, but like any new creative endeavor, you spend a lot of time upfront thinking about what should work, the kinds of stories you want to tell. You don’t actually know if they’ll materialize until you start recording episodes. Then you get an email from one of your listeners showing how your content has led to an actual business solution… which is what you’ve been working toward all along.

Want to See Where Your B2B Podcast Lies on the Maturity Curve?

If you’d like to see which stage your brand’s podcast is at, what you can do to reach the next stage, and how Casted can help you along the way, take our quick B2B Podcast Maturity Curve assessment

And for more, stay tuned to Casted’s new series How B2B Podcasts Grow Up for a stage-by-stage discussion of how a B2B brand takes a show from launch to mass marketing amplification, and all the expert strategies, tips, and insights you need to create and grow your own audio or video podcast to serve your brand and drive growth. 

Want to skim through the episode instead of listening? Read the transcript here.

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About How B2B Podcasts Grow Up

As Season 3 of The Amplified Marketing Podcast, How B2B Podcasts Grow Up will cover the five stages of the B2B Podcast Maturity Curve, where we discuss the best strategies and models for creating a new show in a new channel, for growing and engaging your audience, for expanding across all the channels your audience prefers, and for integrating your podcast program into your overall content marketing strategy. And of course, we’ll discuss all the ways you can create meaningful content and then get the most traction from that material by wringing it out and amplifying it across all channels.