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This Is How You Scale Your Podcast Efforts for Maximum Impact

What do you do when you’ve launched your podcast and, 80 episodes in, you’ve achieved everything you set out to do. People know the name of your brand, your audience has steadily grown, and with the help of your guests, you’re truly in the thought leadership vanguard.

Well, if you’re James Gilbert, CMO at Flip (formerly RedRoute), you think about the next-level goal and start another podcast and then another, improving the reach and depth of each iteration, and before you know it, you’ve evolved way beyond brand awareness. You’ve created one of today’s most powerful content marketing channels. What’s more: Your brand can then shift your whole marketing strategy to center around your podcast(s) and bring in more leads and drive more revenue. James shares how he’s doing all this with his Spamming Zero podcast and more in this episode of The Casted Podcast.  

Digging into Key Takeaways

For each episode, we like to highlight some key takeaways. Think of it as a podcast outline or live show notes. Here are just a few of the takeaways that really stood out to us in this episode.

James' Secret for Creating a Holistic Marketing Strategy with a Podcast at the Nucleus 🤫 

Brand awareness is one of the main reasons a B2B podcast gets started. This is critical in the early stages of a brand’s life, but podcasts do so much more beyond getting your name out there. As your audience grows, the show builds community, trust, and brand authority with your audience and can even drive both your customer experience and go-to-market strategies as James shares in the episode.  

How He Determines Who Should Be on His Shows for Maximum Business Impact 🧑

Choosing guests for your podcast is pretty important to the show’s overall success and impact on your business goals. Guests represent brands and industries your audience is interested in and allow your brand to cover engaging topics discussed by subject matter experts in your field. 

However, sometimes when you’re just getting your show up and running, it might seem intimidating to ask people to come on your show. Like who are you to be asking them to do anything? Except, as James points out, it’s not like that. Especially if you lead with unconditional kindness and just be a good human being.  

Talk to a Casted Crew Member!

Which Podcast KPIs Are Must-Knows to Present at Your Next Exec Meeting 📈  

As with any content, you want to know how it performs, not just to know you personally did a good job, but because you’ll be asked to prove your marketing strategy is working and driving growth and revenue. 

Still to this day, podcasts are one of the more challenging content channels that CFOs, CROs, and the like expect you to demonstrate the value of. But metrics are tricky, because most of the podcast metrics we have right now only give you bits of insights. What we need are engagement metrics, and in this episode, James recommends the KPIs he’s found to be the most valuable to track.  

Interested in More from Flip?

For more on how Flip is revolutionizing customer service through Voice as a channel, visit Flip.com, and to experience how James leverages a podcast to do all the things he discusses in the episode, check out Flip’s show Spamming Zero

Want to skim through James’ episode instead of listening? Read the transcript here. 

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