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Upgrade Your Video Production Game with VanillaSoft's Daniel Allard

Making a show can sometimes feel like a long stride towards perfection. You’re wanting clear audio, crisp video quality, entertaining conversations, etc. But as the old adage says, perfection requires practice.

In this episode, Senior Video Producer at VanillaSoft, Daniel Allard is sharing the lessons that he’s acquired from his time working with multimedia, video, and audio and how he has incorporated them into a tool for showcasing passion and expertise for their audience. 

Continue reading to learn from Daniel’s advice on how we can make the most out of our own shows with some tips and tricks that he’s learned along the way. 

Digging into Key Takeaways

For each episode, we like to highlight some key takeaways. Think of it as a podcast outline or live show notes. Here are just a few of the takeaways that really stood out to us in this episode.

Passion Within Conversations on Camera 💥

We totally get it. Having a CEO, CMO, or a CRO may be the dream guest for your show, but try not to forget about the people on the ground making things happen. Passion for a company’s mission doesn’t just lie within those big titles. Conversations with those who work in other tiers of the company can not only set your podcast apart, but it can house more authentic and natural conversations. Even if they aren’t the face of the brand, they’ll be able to speak on what they’re passionate about, and that’s what you want your audience to watch (and listen to).

Reusing Material ♻️

Recycling is not only a huge deal here on Earth, but we firmly stand by it at Casted, especially when it comes to our content. Relevancy is what you make of it, so why not continue to repromote your previous conversations? Every podcast that you produce houses bits and pieces that can be used for years to come. Use that method of wringing it out (sound familiar?) to bring people back to your brand. Because those conversations are content gold and can be continued to be built upon with your new content.

Tip From Daniel 🔆 

There is rarely any television show or movie that doesn’t include background music. It helps convey the mood that the director wants for the scene and makes it pack more of a punch for the audience. So put yourself in the director’s shoes for your own podcast. Bring a musical element to your show and let it serve as a tool of your passion for your audience to witness.

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About Season 6 of The Casted Podcast

Welcome to Season 6 of the Casted podcast, where we're focusing exclusively on our own users. Why? Well, because, by becoming Casted customers, it's pretty clear how committed they are, not only to podcasting as a key piece of the future of their marketing efforts, but also to the bigger picture of how these shows fit in to their integrated marketing strategy. They're the most forward-thinking brands that are harnessing the perspectives of experts with podcasts, but they're not stopping there. They're then bringing out those interviews to be amplified across other channels. They're practicing what we preach, and we want you to hear all about what they're doing and why they're doing it, and even better, how you can do it too.