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Why Your B2B Podcast Needs Premium Podcasting Software

Here in Indianapolis, racing season approaches. You can almost smell it in the air. While the official Indy 500 has been moved to August per coronavirus social distancing directives, we can’t help but have racing on the brain right now. 

In the world of automotive sports, the Indy 500 is the big leagues—the cream of the crop, the pinnacle of racing success. You wouldn’t bring a novice car to a world championship race, would you? Of course not. Indy 500 cars are designed to glean the highest efficiency and performance possible. They’re built to win. 

So it is with premium podcasting software. This category of tech offers tailor-made features and functionality you just can’t find with basic or freemium tools. As a B2B podcaster, there’s a lot on the line when you start a company podcast (i.e. your budget, sales, your job). So it’s important to step up your game so your show comes across as a powerful, polished podcast instead of a simple hobbyist’s experiment and—more than anything—that your podcast drives real, meaningful results. 

Ready to join the big league? 

Better Input. Better Output. 

We at Casted know that for many businesses, deciding to make the leap into podcasting isn’t an easy one. If you're starting a podcast, you probably know that it can be a meaningful way to connect with your audience and build brand awareness. To the rest of your organization though, a podcast might look like a shiny, new marketing channel that can drive leads and pipeline. And as a new marketing channel (that requires an investment of both time and money) for the business, all eyes are on you, the showrunner, to see if it succeeds. That’s why it’s critical to invest the right time, energy, and strategy into your B2B podcast to ensure it proves worthwhile. 

Having the right tools can make all the difference. And here are just a few: 

Business-Specific Functionality

When you’re trying to produce a show that engages your audience and can be used in ways to meet business objectives, you can’t be held back by podcasting software constraints like capacity, security, or lack of production functionality. For many businesses, podcasts involve lots of cooks in the kitchen, meaning you need tools that allow for consistency and ease. 

As a company, we deeply believe in the value of podcasts. Authentic conversations are the future of marketing and podcasts can be the catalyst to make that pivot in your organization's content strategy. But for many marketers, harnessing the power of podcasting is easier said than done. Podcasts are time and cost-intensive, so marketers need a way to get more out of each podcast episode they produce.

Casted was built specifically for business podcasting. In fact, it’s the first B2B podcasting platform in the industry. We developed Casted to address the specific needs of organizations, accounting for greater efficiency in podcast management, marketing activation and longevity of content, and metrics that move the needle — well beyond just the basic download.

Deep Analytics for Performance Measurement

Solo podcasters don’t have a manager holding them accountable — you likely do. So it’s important to not only be able to track important metrics that go beyond number of downloads, but to act on them, allowing you to better engage your audience and create loyal brand enthusiasts. 

Sure, different podcasting tools offer a way to “measure” your podcast, but these metrics often aren’t apples to apples in terms of the marketing goals you’re trying to achieve. And even if you are able to translate them into something usable, it drains valuable time and creates an entirely new process for measurement. 

Your brand deserves a tool for consolidating these metrics and visualizing the bigger picture of how your podcast contributes to the business. Having the ability to see metrics comprehensively can provide a better understanding of how to tell your company’s story. 

A Single Platform for Consolidating Overlapping Tools

From recording equipment and editing software to publishing platforms and measurement tools, managing every facet of the podcasting process can be overwhelming. The thing about corporate showrunners like you is that it’s rarely your only responsibility, meaning you don’t have time to be jumping from tool to tool just to complete one episode. 

Premium podcasting software solves this challenge with a single platform to manage, activate, and measure your podcast all in one place, eliminating overlapping tools, saving time, and maximizing ROI. (And that’s something every manager can get behind.)

Automation for Generating Higher ROI

Unlike recreational showrunners, corporate podcasting teams are inherently programmed to look for ways to maximize ROI. While it might seem beneficial in the short-term to choose “free” online tools to produce and publish your podcast, they’ll end up costing you in the long-run — in terms of both time and efficiency. 

Premium podcasting software like Casted is built to do more for you — without the hassle of extra manual work. A B2B platform puts every necessary tool and feature at your fingertips, including:

  • Automated show transcripts
  • Easier social sharing
  • Audiograms
  • Clip creation for content activation
  • Content tagging for easy search and accessibility

With business-minded features like these, you can focus more on content and strategy than on mechanics and logistics. And you’ll be freed up to put your creative juices to work, leaving the details and busywork to us. 

Step Up to the Plate

Starting and maintaining a podcast means time and money, so you should get as much out of it as you can. When you invest in tools built to help your podcast thrive, you get a show that’s not only well-produced, but engaging to listeners — and impressive to the higher-ups. And you’re able to maximize your investment, wringing all the goodness out of your hard work. 
The bottom line? Casted is premium podcasting software built for business. We’re obsessed with helping you squeeze every drop of goodness out of each episode to help it resonate across your marketing channels, building a following of loyal (and paying) customers. When you’re ready to join the big leagues of podcasting, give us a shout. We’d love to help you make it happen.

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