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4 Easy Ways to Use Video in Your Podcasting Strategy

When you think about podcasting, you probably think about its mobility. That listeners can listen on the go, whenever they want, where they want. And while that’s true, our listening habits have definitely changed in the wake of 2020.

With less (or no) commutes, remote-first work, and balancing work life with home and school life, we’ve adjusted when and how we listen to podcasts. Maybe you still listen while you squeeze in a quick workout, or maybe you find yourself listening more during the work day at your computer than before. 

As brands, we must continue to adapt to our audience and offer our listeners ways to listen (or ahem… watch) our podcast on their terms. So for many brands, including Casted, video podcasting became another way to allow your audience to connect with your B2B brand. Because what’s more intimate than getting to know a person’s voice as a part of a brand? Putting a face to that voice. 

For many brands, when they record a B2B podcast, they’re also recording a video because the tools they use offer this capability. That video doesn’t always see the light of day and can end up on the proverbial cutting room floor. But it doesn’t have to be wasted content just because you’re recording it for an audio podcast. 

There are plenty of ways to utilize that video in your B2B podcasting strategy and still benefit from the intimacy, connectivity, and quality of podcast content. Let’s break down 4 ways you can use videos as a part of your overall podcast strategy. 

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Attracting a New Audience

Growing your listener base is always a plus in terms of your B2B podcast, it means you’re getting in front of a new-to-you audience that might be interested in what your brand has to offer. So just like you tap into podcast audiences via major syndication channels, consider tapping into video channels that might introduce you to a new group of listeners. 

As a search engine of its own, YouTube has become a huge destination for B2B brands. Thanks to the searchability of YouTube videos, it offers a way to get in front of a new audience through searching for informative videos. 

Creating a Multimedia Experience

The content marketing playbook has somewhat evolved over the years to include new mediums and channels, and marketers have adapted. But we must keep adapting because the future of content marketing will be multifaceted, to be more specific, it will be multimedia. 

The way that we have evolved to digest content now bounces between smart devices and formats constantly. We read a blog on our desktop, listen to a podcast on our phone, watch a video on our tablet. The list goes on. We want to digest information in a way that suits us when it's best for us. So marketers must continue to evolve their strategies to meet these demands. 

Not only do we prefer to digest content in different ways, we also digest information best in different ways. By focusing your strategy around a multimedia experience that includes audio and video, you’ll be creating content that allows your audience to digest and learn at their own pace. 

For example, you can use your video interviews to create podcasts, embed videos in your related blogs, share the videos on YouTube and your social channels. The opportunity to create a marketing strategy around multimedia content is limitless. 


We all know the power that video has on social media channels. Audiograms, for B2B podcasts especially, have become all the rage because it offers a visually interactive experience to your audience. And let’s not forget that basically every social channel now has the ability to post live stories - because videos are an easy way to engage your audience. 

Create short clips from your video that you can share on your social channels to further engagement with your audience and give them a sneak peek at the episode. This is a great way to not only engage your audience on the channel they’re on, but also to bring them into content on your website by giving them a preview of what the entire episode offers. 

Subscription-Only Content 

If you’re creating a newsletter or an email list of some kind (and let’s be honest… most of us are), then you’re always looking for ways to make your subscription content more enticing. Because hey… you want more people who want to engage with you on that channel! 

If you’re not regularly posting the video portion of your podcasts, consider sharing your videos with your subscriber base. This is a great way to add additional value to your most loyal fans, and create another reason for non-subscribers to opt-in to your content. 

We love asking additional questions and saving those for a behind-the-scenes look for subscribers - it’s such a fun way to add value by offering interesting content!

Whether you already utilize video as a part of your podcasting strategy or you’re just getting started, there is untapped potential in using these mediums together to drive better engagement and value to your audience. 

At Casted, we’re committed to giving marketers access to the tools that make it easy to take your video and audio podcasts and amplify them across your marketing strategy. Interested in learning more about our video podcasting features? Check out this article

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