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Examples of Brands Using Video Podcasting to Reach Their Audience

One big shift in content marketing trends over the last few years is that content strategies that used to be focused mainly on search engines (keywords, rankings, traffic) and business objectives (new product launches, feature sets, sales) are now pivoting to put humans (ahem, your audience) first. This means connecting with — and serving — your audience should be the foundation of your content marketing strategy. 

That’s why Casted has introduced Amplified Marketing. Think of it as a way to continue to connect with your audience through content that actually serves them. One excellent way to reach your audience right where they are is with video podcasting.

The premise for an excellent and effective video podcast is simple: Have a recorded video conversation. But not just any conversation — make it original and authentic, and center it around a topic relevant to what your target audience cares about today. Also, bring in experts on the subject matter who can share insights that listeners will find interesting and add value to your podcast.

The main idea here is reaching your audience and giving them exactly what they want, when they want, and where they want it. The following are just a few video podcast examples of some companies who are nailing it while using video to connect with their audiences.

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Misfit Media

Misfit Media, a marketing agency serving the restaurant industry, is an excellent example of how versatile video podcasting can be. Misfit created an omnichannel system, using video and audio to complement each other to reach their audience right where they want (often YouTube) and to connect with a new audience.

Misfit Media’s CEO Brett Linkletter and marketing coordinator Camberlyn Sparks shared their unique omnichannel approach with us and how it is increasing their brand equity and growing their business.

Brett recounts how it began: “We had a bunch of our clients saying, ‘Hey, Brett, love your guys’ content, but I’m a restauranteur. I’m usually on the go, or I’m in the kitchen or whatever the case. I don’t have time to watch a 20-minute, 30-minute YouTube video and sit there and just look at my phone or computer.’ They asked if we had a podcast actually initially. And that’s when I had the idea: Oh, damn, maybe we should do this.”

It grew from there…

“Obviously throughout the pandemic, the restaurant industry was hit hard time and time again," Camberlyn explains. "And many restaurant owners needed help figuring out ways to creatively pivot their business model to an entirely takeout and delivering system with limited in-store dining… while [still] providing a unique customer experience. So our podcast has changed and our marketing to what Brett does, having guests that are thought leaders in the industry and can provide that information and valuable solutions in 40 minutes or less, and then cutting down those pieces to then be repurposed across channels.

“And where we can reach ultimately all those customers and create a community online because there’s not a big restaurant podcast community when ultimately the restaurant industry is very inclusive and very community-esque, and they do want to be bouncing ideas off of each other. So we’re repurposing that content to then reach ultimately more customers and help provide solutions during these quote-unquote, unprecedented times.” 

Camberlyn then adds how the whole “ecosystem” works together to best serve their audience:

“For us, a big part of our audience lives on YouTube. They come there for a lot of our information on how to market their restaurant, simple tips and tricks, whatnot. So having that presence at our podcast on YouTube is really important for us. So Brett is producing content three or four times a week for our YouTube channel. That’s in complement to the podcast. So I’m going in there and clipping these little pieces of content. I probably will get 15 pieces of content from one episode that brings so much value that it would be a waste to just throw it away. So I’m clipping that content, and then I’m editing it. I’m figuring out the best spots in the episode that I think will hit home the most and then posting that on YouTube, on social, in our blog and whatnot, and having that whole ecosystem work together.”

New call-to-actionTobe Agency

Tobe Agency is another brand that is excelling in its content marketing strategy, particularly by ingeniously increasing the searchability of their content. They do this by using hosting on their website, YouTube, and other social channels to drive traffic. Tobe’s creative director and co-founder, Jared Sanders, recently joined us on The Casted Podcast to discuss how the waterfall effect that occurs when podcasting generates scalable content, allowing audiences to find the same content in multiple forms.

“A strategy that we usually play into a lot if we’re talking about a video podcast [is that] we encourage the building of a YouTube channel, or at least the start of a YouTube channel. A lot of companies… may not think they’re built for YouTube or sexy for YouTube. Again, the way you have to frame it is, well of course; you’re not going to be whatever YouTube channel that you see. You’re not going to be like the Logan Pauls of the world, right, we’re not going for that. All we’re going for is the ability to host your content, make it searchable, but again, you want to be able to link people back to it. You want to be able to send people into that funnel, and YouTube just becomes another great channel that you can serve up an audience while Google and YouTube are also serving you up an audience,” Jared explains.

The grand idea is to make your podcast accessible and easy to find. Capturing video footage of your podcast and publishing it on your website, YouTube, and even other social channels helps drive traffic. Tie this in with the audio you’re publishing on platforms like Apple and Spotify and your website — plus the content you’re pulling from each episode — and you have an all-encompassing strategy for delivering content to your audience (wherever they may be).


VanillaSoft is a brand that vividly portrays how video is rich content for storytelling. The brand has mastered this niche and knows how video can allow you to transmit emotion and mood and share your brand’s passion. VanillaSoft’s senior video producer Daniel Allard recently joined us on our podcast to discuss how your brand can upgrade its video production game using the power of storytelling.

“We have a very robust and aggressive schedule to reuse material, right, so as something becomes relevant again, we will reissue links and takeaways, what have you, and repromote it on as many channels as we can, so Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, mostly, YouTube as well. So it’s everywhere we can, and we will repurpose and reshuffle, so if you ever appear on a VanillaSoft podcast, you will get tagged and tagged and tagged and tagged.

“That content is fantastic, and you can just keep sending it out there. I mean, truth is truth, and as long as you keep staying relevant, there’s no reason why you can’t keep issuing that and sharing it with people who might not have seen it and bringing them back to your brand,” Daniel shares.

The Bottom Line

The better the story, the more likely people will connect with it, then share it. So if your storytelling can ignite emotion, then you’ll succeed in getting more people to tune in and share.

Here are some of the other best video podcasts you can check out to get ideas on how you want your show to look and serve your audience:

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