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5 Underutilized B2B Podcast Marketing Tactics

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (and if you have been, how is it? Considering a change of scenery over here), you know that podcasting is HOT right now. But it's not a bandwagon or a mere trend. It's an audience-connection wave and a major growth component for any B2B brand. There’s no denying that B2B podcasting has established its rightful place in growth strategies, and it's not going to fade away anytime soon. Time to think about creating or polishing up your podcast marketing strategy and start growing your brand through the channel. 

That said, there are still brands who are late to the podcasting game, relying on more traditional digital marketing channels. As an audio and video medium, a show offers a different way for people to engage with your brand (it's also usually more effective than written content in the B2B sales cycle), and yet not everyone's investing in the channel. I mean, we do realize that a show or video series is content, right? In fact, a podcast (backed by a solid podcast strategy) is the best source of content you can have, because you can spin off incredible thought leadership material from a show and fuel all your marketing channels, from blogs and social to YouTube and demand generation campaigns.

The same methods brands have used to promote written content in the past are easily applied to podcasts, but with podcasts, you can always have a video format as part of your creation process. That makes it easier to amplify your content across channels, and with the right tools, you can measure how every podcast episode feeds the rest of your digital marketing strategy.  

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Podcasting Is More Than a Brand Awareness Play 

Many brands are looking at B2B podcasting as a means to raise awareness about their brand, BUT it can be so much more than that. Podcasting for brand awareness? Yes, it works much better than other channels. Podcasting for brand awareness and unique content creation? Brilliant. 

Of course podcasts are great for humanizing and creating buzz for your brand. They can also be used to fuel your brand’s content and marketing strategy (as well as significantly improve your searchability through podcast SEO). Your B2B podcast is filled with the rich perspectives of your host (an expert in the topic your podcast covers) and your guests. 

Guests can range from internal thought leaders to industry experts, prospects, partners, and even customers. This type of expertise and perspective leads to some pretty amazing insights that only your brand has. So why wouldn’t you want to tap into that and allow it to fuel your marketing strategy?

5 B2B Podcast Marketing Tactics You Need to Try 

So how can we look at B2B podcasts as another form of content that we can continue to reuse, repurpose, remix, and repromote to help us reach our marketing goals? Let’s look at 5 underutilized tactics that you should use for all of your podcast content. 

Blog Content

If you aren’t already taking the content from your podcast (or videos) and turning it into some form of blog content, you’re missing out on a chance to tap into your existing audience and GROW your audience through carefully curated content. 

Blogs are a great way to get your B2B podcast in front of the audience that already consumes your content and offer them a new way to engage with your brand. It’s also a great way to curate new listeners through organic traffic. We all know that great content as a part of a great strategy can lead to more eyes on your website and content hub.

Don’t just publish a podcast episode, promote the episode, and move on. Instead, identify some key topics that deserve a little more attention and build them into your content plan. This can help you commit to repromoting your episode through content and curate true thought leadership from the unique conversations on your show. 

Why Every Brand Needs A Podcast Right Now. The New Wave Of Marketing is Now.

Mention and link to your podcast or embed clips or full episodes where it makes sense. This creates a multimedia experience and allows your audience to listen and experience the episode right there. 

For example, you can embed a clip like we’re doing below. In this key takeaway from Season 4 of The Casted Podcast, Dave Gerhardt, CMO at Privy, discusses using your podcast as a way to get great content for your brand.

Clips for Social Media

Creating clips, audiograms, and videograms for your social media accounts is a great way to entice your followers to experience your podcast right from their feeds. It’s an “in-app experience” that offers a new way to introduce your audience to your show in a non-disruptive way. 

A big part of Casted's podcast social media strategy depends on using clips to amplify our podcast. For example, when we use audiograms, we see 2-3X more engagement than we do on our text and link-only posts. 

How do you pick which audio clips you should share on social via a clip or an audiogram? 

If you’re already writing detailed show notes, or using Casted to create takeaways for each episode, you can start there. The big idea moments that you deem important enough to call out for your existing listeners are also likely key moments that could stand out on social to a whole new audience. 

At Casted, we create key takeaways for every episode when we're getting ready to publish as a way to really maximize the value of our content. These key takeaways are usually moments and topics that are interesting and important to the overall theme of the episode. From there, we can create individual clips, links, audiograms, and videograms right from the platform that can then be shared with your social team. Here's an example:

Account-Based Podcasting 

We’ve all heard of account-based marketing. But have you heard of Account-Based Podcasting? If you’re using different parts of your podcast to target specific audiences… then yes, you have. 

In all actuality, “ABP” is basically what we all know ABM to be… good marketing. If you’re not using the expert voices and insights on your podcast to create personalized experiences in your marketing and sales material, you’re missing out. 

Many of our customers use clips of their podcast to interact with prospects in sales emails, cadences, and nurturing tracks. (Check out how to use podcasting for ABM from a master, Jim Gilkey, Senior Account Executive at Terminus and host of the Account Based Beverages podcast.) This is a great way to utilize the conversations you’re having on your show in new ways with new-to-you audiences. 

If we listened to your podcast, would you know? You would if you used Casted

Microsites or Landing Pages

If you’re anything like us, you’re always interested in ways to create an engaging experience for your audience with the content you’re making. When it comes to podcasts, we reuse and repurpose them a lot to create different blogs, infographics, and even more podcasts. 

In fact, we created a special narrative episode of The Casted Podcast for HubSpot’s INBOUND conference by pulling clips from several of our existing Season 4 episodes. 

When the episode was complete and it was getting ready to go live at the conference, we wanted a way to easily give listeners access to the full interviews they were hearing in the narrative episode. So, we created a landing page that included an embedded player with all of the episodes we used to create the episode, along with content pieces we created to complement the new piece of content. 

This was a great way for us to capture the new traffic that was coming to us from the INBOUND conference. We also now have a way to point people to this experience and give them more information about HOW we created this episode. 

You can check out our INBOUND landing page here

Remixing and Reusing

The first thing I mentioned in this article was using your podcast to create blog content. BUT, don’t stop with written content. If you’re creating a podcast regularly, chances are you have some amazing content in the form of expert interviews that can lend itself to… more audio content. 

I said what I said. 

But seriously, when you’re interviewing guests from a certain industry or on a certain topic, there’s bound to be areas of crossover. And when you find those related topics, there may be an opportunity to create more audio content that tells a bigger story. 

Put Podcast Marketing Tactics to Work for Your Brand

Just like research for one whitepaper can serve several other purposes, so should your podcast interviews. Every interview you conduct is likely filled with insights and perspectives that lend themselves to be reused, remixed, and repurposed into other pieces of content. 

If you aren’t already taking advantage of these easy-to-do marketing tactics for your podcast, it’s time to start. To recap, if you have a podcast, make sure you’re getting the most value out of every episode by doing the following: 

  1. Create written content from your podcast.
  2. Create audio and video clips for social media.
  3. Deploy Account-Based Podcasting.
  4. Utilize landing pages to create podcast experiences. 
  5. Remix and reuse your podcast content.

Interested in learning more about how you can get more value out of every episode of your B2B podcast? Casted is the podcasting solution for B2B marketers, and we help businesses put conversations at the center of their marketing strategies. What are you waiting for? Let’s talk podcasts!

For more on brand podcast strategy for your business, download The Marketer’s Complete Guide to B2B Podcast Strategy. If you’re ready to see the Casted platform in action, reach out to us — we have so much to show you! And if you’d like to see how a podcast can help grow your business, subscribe to The Casted Podcast on Apple Podcasts and Spotify

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