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Casted Launches New Amplified Marketing Category, Introduces World’s First Amplified Marketing Platform

Marketing technology leader unveils new category for maximizing and enhancing content alongside central solution for identifying, repurposing, and amplifying marketing assets


INDIANAPOLIS — November 3, 2021 — Casted, the first B2B marketing platform built around audio and video content, today launches a new category, Amplified Marketing, and introduces itself as the world’s first amplified marketing platform with its newly expanded product, Casted Themes.

Today’s content marketers are trying to keep up with the demand for content with a one-size-fits-all approach that overproduces new content and underutilizes the assets they already have. However, this approach is high pressure for content marketers with minimal space for creativity or return on effort. With amplified marketing, marketing teams can harness the power of conversation, atomize it across other formats and channels, and deliver maximum impact to the brand and the business. 

The amplified marketing methodology consists of three simple steps: identify, create, and amplify. 

  • Identify the target audience, subject matter experts, and rich assets that already exist

  • Create audio and video content, such as webinars, podcasts, live events, and customer stories, then break it into clips, transcriptions, key takeaways, and more 

  • Amplify all of the assets, resources, and conversations across multiple channels and formats to maximize the return on investment and effort

This new approach makes content more effective and engaging by breaking down silos, creating alignment across teams, building connections with your audience, and delivering meaningful content attribution. 

“Content marketing is tough. And everyone agrees that B2B marketing is just getting crazier and more complicated. But until now, nobody has presented a holistic solution to make it any better. Instead, more and more point solutions keep popping up to measure or maximize the crumbs of all the chaos.” said Lindsay Tjepkema, CEO and co-founder of Casted. “But that all changes today. The future of B2B marketing is recorded. Companies and marketing teams have the assets — podcasts, webinars, customer stories, product videos — but often only use this content once and then put it in the archives. There’s a better way. Amplified marketing empowers marketers to be more efficient and effective while also embracing greater creativity, and strengthening connections with their audiences, and driving revenue. And the expansion of Casted to be the first Amplified Marketing Platform provides marketers with the platform needed to put audiences before algorithms, authenticity ahead of automation, and amplification at the heart of an integrated sales and marketing strategy. ”

Casted is the first and only Amplified Marketing Platform. The all-in-one solution provides the tools marketers need to put audio and video at the center of their amplified marketing strategy and obtain crucial metrics. With the release of Casted Themes, marketers have a central solution to create and manage content themes and leverage key insights to set strategy and objectives. Customers have access to 360-degree views of their existing content with insights like audience engagement, content-type, and revenue attribution, so they can identify the best content to reuse, repurpose, and amplify to see return on investment and effort. Finally, marketers can put audio and video at the center of their strategy to increase brand awareness, enhance audience engagement, and crush sales and marketing goals. 

“Casted has always been focused on the needs of today's marketing teams. Now, we’re taking it one step further with our industry-first feature, Casted Themes,” said Adam Patarino, chief product officer and co-founder of Casted. “Themes empowers marketers to group their content by topic and keywords, to easily find what content they already have and amplify it to their audiences. This greatly increases the efficiency of each and every piece of content. Moreover, marketers can better understand how their content is performing not just on each item, but on the Theme as a whole. I’m really excited for marketers to get their hands on this new feature and see how much it impacts their workflows.”

“Casted and Amplified Marketing have made a large impact in a short amount of time for our marketing team,” said Mark Kilens, VP, Content and Community, Drift. “Content marketing needs to be a highly integrated strategy across your marketing team. Casted's Amplified Marketing Platform helps us create and promote new, thought-provoking assets every day across a variety of channels. It has amplified the reach of our podcast shows and the ROI we're seeing from our content strategy.”

Learn more about Casted's Amplified Marketing Platform here